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So I'm sending Valentine's cards to anyone who wants one.

I have extra that I bought this year, and also envelopes and watercolour paper and paint and pens and pencil crayons, so I will also take art prompts*, though I guarantee, like, nothing about that fill. (I might take a sideways turn and sketch you a dragon instead of a person or write a drabble or send you a mix instead of doing that visual art thing.)

If we are not mutuals on dreamwidth you are likely getting something without a return address from me, and if, you, too, would like to retain an aura of mystery - I've enabled anonymous asks on my tumblr so you can send me your address there. (A non-anonymous dreamwidth message is another option.) Anonymous or not, I won't keep a digital copy of your address and unless we start up a correspondence I won't keep a paper copy, either.

*I'm doing my Femslash February thing right now so prompts about men are likely to be interpreted as fandom prompts or a character type - I don't make or consume fanworks about men in February

...and those are the technical deets, I think. Let me know if there's a thing I've forgotten or something else.

I am excited to do a productive thing that is not communicating with government and is happy and slightly silly and joy spreading. I also really need to do art things because art is good for me and an outlet - when I start art-ing in areas of my life where it's not really called for that's a sign, I think.

I also really love Valentine's Day, because I run that the way I want to, basically, so: love letters or fan art or flowers or cards for friends and whatever I want. Generally I tend to celebrate it in the same spirit I did when I was six. I do what I want and it makes me happy. It's nice; I recommend it.

Last year was the first fannish Valentine I've sent, I think - there was a store bought card that I had to add supplementary fanart to and then sign as a fictional character. I spent a lot of time giggling, I think.

So, yep: love and joy and Valentine's Day! Let me know if you want to be on my mailing list for that this year and drop me an ask or send a dreamwidth message with your address and maybe an art prompt. (I won't do dudes but I may have some hunks of Canada pin-up art postcards around, and I will do international mail.)
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