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This is for [personal profile] calvinahobbes' prompt "Asian media that you would rec and why more people need to watch/read/hear it."

Healer might be my favourite television series ever. It is a planned one season show. There are twenty episodes that everything plays out in and then it is over.

You need to watch this show because it's going to freaking light up your life if it hasn't already. I've been comparing this to superman when I've been reccing this to people a lot, but it is so much better than that, it goes so far beyond that, and also there are no aliens.

Healer is this mercenary for hire with no real moral policy except no killing. He gets his clients through an older woman named Min-ja, who is a hacker - she runs the whole tech side of the business and is this amazing mix of protective, surly, and mocking, I think. She is hands-down one of the best parts of the show. You need to watch Healer because you need that woman in your life.

Events conspire that Healer goes undercover as a reporter; if you have an identity porn kink this is the series for you. I don't really think of myself as having one, but this series is delicious for that; it is so incredibly satisfying. Chae Young-shin is a reporter who dreams of making it big. She is an adorable ball of sunshine and good nature who spent her formative years supervised by criminals in a coffee shop. She is also my favourite. Everyone is my favourite.

She has this really great relationship with her dad that's a delight. She is also really funny. The leads in this thing are really solid. Kim Moon-ho is the other lead, an older established reporter. They end up unraveling together a decades old mystery and cover-up along with a giant conspiracy.

Shit explodes. There are heroics and great fight scenes. Healer has no idea how to be a real boy but he figures it out. Min-ja makes fun of him a lot, which is amazing, and also has his back. Chae Young-chin is strong and incredibly relate-able. Everyone's past gets unraveled. Satisfying backstories and endings for everyone. People die tragically, and there are extensive cuddles.

There are fight training scenes and ridiculous lairs. There are despicable villains and people are seriously badass. Good triumphs over evil. Mostly.

There are so many little things that I love in this series, but I shall not be telling you about them, because I think there is so much delight in the discovery in this. It is an action-thriller mystery romcom that is brilliantly executed, and so, so rich.

Go to dramafever and watch the first episode: the series is here.

(ETA: The series is also on viki: here.)


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