Jan. 28th, 2016

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[personal profile] lucifuge5 prompted me with "A media (book, movie, etc.) that you like reccing to people all the time." This is probably Slings & Arrows for me, just because it feels like such a solid rec to make to a lot of different people. It's smart, earnest, and funny.

You're into Canadiana? Hoo boy. So it's about a theatre festival that bears a striking similarity to Stratford; it's amazing. Jackie Burroughs is in it. Sarah Polley. Paul Gross. \o/ You know, the mountie from Due South, yeah, he's the lead. Ranger Gord from Red Green is in it. Colm Feore. Sean Cullen. Rachel McAdams. William Hutt is in it. Seriously, it's like - anytime you find yourself walking through any kind of photo collection of people in Canadian theatre, you are going to be finding someone from this show, possibly multiple someones. It's a delight.

You like theatre? This is a love letter to the theatre. It's about the Stratford Festival, and each season of the show is a season at the theatre and they focus on two productions that they're putting on - so you get to see them performing bits of Shakespeare and having meta discussions about that performance and talking to the stage manager and about ticket sales and funding and all of these different details, and some of it's pretty cynical. But there's also theses little moments where the show goes there, right there, that's why the theatre is magic, that's why we're doing this it's great.

I'm Canadian and like the arts. Those are the two pitches that tend to come up the most.

It's three seasons of six episodes. The season arcs are well structured. They play with themes really well.

I requested it for yuletide a few years back.

Paul Gross is having a ball in this series, that is something that is so evident watching it. He spends a fair amount of time arguing with a ghost that only he can see. There are amazing characters in this. People feel incredibly, incredibly real - wonderful and awful in such mundane, human ways.

The series is made up of so many moments, so many things big and small, that I am in love with. The first performance they put on of Macbeth. Maria, drunk and surly at a party. Anna, wounded and strong. Ellen, happily dating young things. Darren Nichols, adjusting his scarf. Geoffrey, putting on a show.

I love it, so I recommend it.


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