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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi! And thank you! Thank you so much for writing for me, whatever fandom you write, and whatever you write.

My requests and why I love these fandoms:

Breakfast with Scot (movie)

Character: Sam Miller/Eric McNally

Request: I’d love to see their characters and/or relationship fleshed out more. If you wanted to write about either of their pre-histories – Eric’s closeted hockey career or Sam’s school years, whatever – that’d be neat and you obviously wouldn’t need to include both characters. An Eric that’s figured out how to balance his life would be satisfying, as would anything with more of Sam. (Anything with more of their lives would be awesome!)

I love Breakfast with Scot for how completely a family film it is. It's wee, and cute, and very, very gay - and nothing particularly bad happens to any of the gay characters! No one throws themself off of a building in despair! (...erm. I may have seen a few too many depressing LGBT-related films in which absolutely terrible things happen to people of non-normative sexualities. This isn't one of them, and I love it for that.)

I love how little dissent Sam and Eric face in the film and how completely and utterly shot down and made ridiculous that dissent is. I love how openly patronising Scot's teacher is, and how it is immediately recognised that her behaviour is not acceptable.

Scot: *trying on a coat* "Oh, Eric! Look at how it hangs!"
Customer: "Who's in charge of the sissy?" *own bad joke laughter*
Eric: *turns around slowly* "Did you just call me a sissy?"
Customer: *dazed* "You're Eric McNally. You played for the Leafs. You were a great fighter, 'til you got injured in that practice. Now you're on TV, so..."
Eric: "I'm still a decent fighter."
Customer: *leaves*

I love that interchange at the store, how understated Eric is, and how the guy just leaves. I love the way that they shoot down the assumptions, how the one person shouting "faggot" is this violent little kid that doesn't do well in school and we get to know him better and he becomes friends with Scot. I like how this film deals with all of the external conflict about homosexuality and how completely and utterly supporting and unquestioning everyone in Sam and Eric's lives are. No one cares that they're gay.

It's the story of Scot finding a home and Eric losing some of his fears. It has this glorious tv-movie feel to it.

(Sam, Scot, and Eric)

I love the looks on Sam and Eric's faces here, how everyone has red or pink neck-wear, and Scot's juice is pink. I love how he invades their lives and fills their house with random pink objects that end up scattered everywhere.

I really like Sam and Eric, how they're both such shiny wonderful people but can also be really cutting.

(Eric and Sam)

Sam amuses me, more and more as I re-watch bits of this trying to explain my love for it. He tends to be funny in a much more understated way than Eric. I especially like his explaining the "hierarchy of affectionate gestures" to Scot. He's also just a really good guy, which is nice.

Eric, on the other hand, can be a complete asshole, largely out of not being entirely comfortable in his own skin. I like Eric's sweetness, his rants and rambling, and all of his freaking out. His sister is awesome and I love how she interacts with him.

I like Sam and Eric as parents.

Scot: "I'm dropping out as soon as I can!"
Eric: "That's nice."

I also like how utterly bizarre all of the children are - it strikes me as very true to life - and how all of Scot's friends are these glorious strange little people.

One of the things I like best is how established Sam and Eric are as a couple.

(Sam and Eric)

I love all of the looks they exchange and all of their little hushed conversations. It's nice.

I love Breakfast with Scot for being a sort of harmless little film that's centred around gay characters who are portrayed positively. I like it for it's corny little messages and absence of an artsie sort of feel that characterises a fair bit of Canadian cinema. It's very accessible. I also love it's NHL stamp of approval. It makes me happy.

Patricia C Wrede - Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Character: ANY

Request: Maybe something about Mendanbar before he was King, or his predecessor, or I’d love to see how Mendanbar’s disappearance would translate in a modern AU. Or you could write a male!Morwen and female!Telemain AU, or a story about Suz, or Antorell’s mother. Anything in this fandom would be amazing – minor or major character – gen, het, slash or femslash.

I fell in love with the chronicles when I was a kid.

I loved that Cimorene wasn't "the right size" - that she didn't meet conventional standards of beauty - but was lovely, anyway. I loved that she didn't fit in and that she had a spine, that she was stubborn and had sense.

I loved Morwen for that, too - how no-nonsense she was, and she was a witch, which was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. I loved her cats and her house - I loved the neatness of it, and her back door that led to where she wanted it to.

I loved that there were different types of magic, and that there were male witches. I loved that dragons were people who ate humans and the bird that wanted to feed Cimorene to its nestlings.

(Kazul and Cimorene)

I loved the wizards for their plotting and Antorell for his ineptitude.

I loved Willin for his stuffiness and the way he recites all the cancelled celebrations in alphabetical order. I loved the gargoyle for his crankiness and the fact that he was made out of wood.

I loved Mendanbar for his bird nest hair and dislike of formal occasions.

(Mendanbar and Cimorene)

[I really like that cover for the hole in the carpet and its design - but it isn't big enough to be a giant's carpet and Cimorene is ridiculously tiny (she's supposed to be about the same height as Mendanbar). Everything else is really well done, though.]

I loved The Enchanted Forest - it was everything an enchanted forest should be - green, so green, and dangerous, full of strange and wonderful creatures and made of magic itself.

I loved the magical expert, too - Telemain. He was kind of absent-minded, such a techie, and gloriously child-like in his curiosity.

I loved The Enchanted Forest Chronicles for their juxtaposition of the ordinary and the fantastic.

(Cimorene and Kazul)

I loved them for how they took fairy tales and twisted them, made them better. They're full of magic, adventure, wonder, amazing things and people, and everyone finds their own way to do things. They're fantasy fused with realism and it's glorious. Dealing with Dragons is still the most comforting book I own - it's my bad day book.

RPF - 20th-21st c Politics

Character: Michael Ignatieff

Request: As long as the story centres around a Canadian politician I will be ridiculously happy. You could write about Ignatieff and Rae’s college days, or his experiences living in the US, or that one time he ran out of mustard. Gen, het, slash or femslash – it is all good. You don’t need to write Ignatieff - you could write about Elizabeth May’s election campaign from the perspective of her bicycle, the love-life of Peter MacKay, or an AU in which Stephen Harper really is a robot. I’d love to see a story made out of some strange and wonderful piece of trivia or something from a smear campaign. Something more serious with a firmer grounding in the realities of politics would be good, too. Any era, any Canadian politician, any rating, any genre would be wonderful!

(Lester B. Pearson showing off the new flag design)

I love Canadian politics. I mean, it's politics, so sometimes I'm frustrated or angry or disappointed, but it's politics, so even when things are being mucked up horrendously it's kind of fascinating, in no small part because people are fascinating, and politicians are fascinating.

Take Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada; she's a writer, environmental activist, lobbyist and lawyer. She was the founding executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada.

(Elizabeth May)

Apparently her mother was an American anti-nuclear activist and her British father the Assistant VP of a health insurance company. How is that not amazing? It is the sort of thing fics are born of and Canadian politics is full of these things. One of the interviews May did during her election campaign included her cycling to all of the talks and debates in her riding - all of the prompts I gave for this fandom are based on media coverage (except for that one about Ignatieff and mustard - I have no idea if he likes mustard or what his purchasing habits are like).

Canadian politics is full of absurdity and wonder and joy.

(Elizabeth May with Bonus! George Stroumboulopoulos)

(Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff)

Ignatieff and Rae go way back. They were college room mates. Seriously. [Excerpt: “He really was the most clever guy I knew in my undergraduate years,” says Ignatieff. “I always feel quite tongue-tied in his presence because he’s so verbally acute, quick and funny.” (Hello, slash!)]

(Ignatieff and Rae)

They have the whole friends/rivals thing going on - it's going to be a very interesting chapter of Canadian history when someone gets around to writing it. (...but then, I think Joey Smallwood is fascinating and have a thing for The Brothers-In-Law)

...and of course, after Ignatieff and Rae there's Belinda Stronach and Peter MacKay. They dated. She crossed the floor (left Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition - a party of which they were both members - to join the government) and they broke up.

After her move Peter MacKay went home to Nova Scotia for a span and gave an interview. There are photos of him walking his dog in the rain. Angstily. In wellies.

(Peter MacKay in wellies)

(Peter MacKay not in wellies)

He's been voted the sexiest male MP in the House of Commons by Parliament Hill staffers - and they would know - while Stronach tends to garner attention for her clothes and money. I think it's entirely possible that those two have the most closely reported love lives in the country. The Toronto Star ran a piece on MacKay's courtship history last week, and a few years ago there was a fair amount of coverage when Stronach dated Tie Domi (he played hockey for the Leafs).

Watching politicians interact with the media is interesting, because they do such amazing things.

(Stephen Harper)

Our current PM is great for this. That is to say that his interactions tend to be a little... off. When he first came onto the scene there was widespread speculation of him being a robot. (There's also the whole eating babies thing.) So, "I'm human, really!" has been a message he's been trying to get out there. Sometimes these attempts have unintentionally hilarious consequences.

(Stephen Harper at the Calgary Stampede)

He did a segment for the Rick Mercer Report that's intentionally amusing, and gave an interview to This Hour Has 22 Minutes that was awkward. There's also his performance at the National Arts Centre gala which is a pretty wonderful example of his PR technique (he pissed off the arts community about a year before this).

The Canadian media is an interesting creature (Politicians once regularly faced Mary Walsh dressed as Xena.) that Harper doesn't seem to have quite figured out how to handle.

Now, Pierre Trudeau? Knew how to handle the media.

(Pierre Trudeau)

He slid down bannisters and pirouetted behind the Queen. He had style and flair.

(Pierre Trudeau at the Grey Cup)

Seriously. He used to wear a red rose in his lapel constantly. (He had a signature.)

Also: in his early years as Liberal leader he had fangirls (and boys).



Canadian Politics is full of interesting people and moments - there are so many stories in it. I love the absurdity of politics, and I love it when they get something right. Canadian Politics RPF is something I want desperately to exist.

Shakespeare Retold - Much Ado About Nothing

Character: Beatrice Evans/Benedick Taylor/Hero

Request: Something about the period that Beatrice and Benedick first worked together – their snark is a thing of joy. Or any of their lives individually (you wouldn’t need to include the two others) set before or after the film. I’d love to see something of either Beatrice or Benedick’s lives before what we see in the bulk of the episode. (Maybe some (mis?)adventure Benedick had during his travel series days or how Beatrice got into journalism?) Or a story about Hero a few years after the wedding would be fascinating – I’d be so interested in seeing where she is then. Anything more of these characters would be fantastic - gen, het, slash, or femslash.

I love that this is an AU of Shakespeare. It's a BBC Production, and people sat down and said to themselves, "OK. We've got to modernise Shakespeare; how do we do this?" and the answer was, "I know! We take Macbeth, yeah, and we set it in a fancy kitchen!" and so on. So, Much Ado About Nothing is set in a local news station.

(Beatrice Evans and Benedick Taylor)

They are newscasters, and camera men, and producers, and so on. It is amazing! It is exactly the sort of thing that I love fanfic for, and it has some amazing people in it - Damian Lewis, Sarah Parish, Billie Piper, and so on.

Billie Piper plays Hero, who is transformed into a weather girl.


I love all of the changes. The minor characters are a lot of fun. The Security Guards, for example - all of the interactions that the other characters have with them and their personas are so wonderfully in keeping the Watchmen - they're brilliant and funny. I love what isn't kept from the play, too - that Hero doesn't take Claude back in the end.

I think I love Beatrice and Benedick best, for the same reasons that I do in any version: their rivalry, their snark, their ridiculousness, and the way that they unite so many of the players.

(Beatrice and Benedick)

They get the best lines, even when they aren't taunting each other. Beatrice has a great one when they are at each other's throats - "You really do put the W into 'anchorman', don't you?" - and Benedick a fairly awesome one when he's reconsidering things - "Love's just one of those things a man grows into, like jazz and olives." Jazz and olives! (It's just quirky and brilliant and I love it.)

(Beatrice and Benedick)

I love them for their conceit, when they're sneaking around, eavesdropping, and generally getting themselves into ridiculous situations.

I'm also fond of the use of Sonnet 116, and kind of a sucker for the romance.

[Benedick and Beatrice are standing at the altar]
Benedick: "Remind me exactly what we're doing here?"
Beatrice: "I have absolutely no idea."

I love how they pair Beatrice and Benedick's snarky banter with the love story, how they don't cease to be the people they are for falling in love - the story is made so much more glorious for that.

Shakespeare Retold: Much Ado About Nothing is this amazing romantic comedy, and it is, above all things, fun. I wish there was more like it.

I love fanfic. I love it for it's ability to fill in gaps in a story, to flesh out characters, to explore an idea, to make a point, to be diverting, to show me something I didn't see before. Please, write what you want to write.

I like most things. I have a thing for strong female characters and strong characters in general that's probably fairly apparent after what I've come to think of as the fandom-recruiting-picspam-and-ramble-of-doom. I like sex to be safe and consensual. I don't like character-bashing and have a serious thing against the word "girlie" being used as a substitute for a person's name. I'm pretty squick-free, otherwise.

Have fun! And thank you so much, again, for writing something in one of these fandoms. You're awesome. ♥


Angstily. In wellies.

Date: 2009-11-14 06:46 pm (UTC)
sinesofinsanity: For use in leading quests and destorying balrongs (Default)
From: [personal profile] sinesofinsanity

Each one of these deserves to be a post on it's own! I think I freaked out my next door neighbour by giggling madly throughout the Canadian politics section. :P


Re: Angstily. In wellies.

Date: 2009-11-16 08:18 pm (UTC)
sobluethesky: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sobluethesky
OMG YES!!!!!1!!11 i admire you for bringing the unmined potential of ignatieff/rae to the attention of the world (what should we call the ship?)

plz, plz, plz, the others are awesome adn great but im placing my vote on the canadian rpf :D:D:D

ps i <3 Trudeau as an abstract concept is the awesomest bumper sticker idea eva. wth hearts.

Re: Angstily. In wellies.

Date: 2009-11-18 01:05 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sobluethesky
Three things of note:
1) I resent being called 'Blue'. It's the name of the character in that book I lent you that you didn't like, and while I do like the book, I'm not a huge fan of the character herself. Plz no?
2) Thank you for noticing the effort I put into my comment. I aim 2 please.
3) You are a very special snowflake. Never forget that, kiki. Never forget tht

Re: Angstily. In wellies.

Date: 2009-11-18 01:11 am (UTC)
sobluethesky: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sobluethesky
On reflection and after re-reading:
4) I am possibly having too much fun by consciously committing varied grammar and spelling atrocities.


...and yet I can't bring myself to promise that it won't happen again. Sorry!

(no subject)

Date: 2009-12-05 07:41 pm (UTC)
sinesofinsanity: For use in leading quests and destorying balrongs (Default)
From: [personal profile] sinesofinsanity
Relating to Stephen Harper's relationship with the media, I give you: What happened when he refused to go on the hour. Also known as, what 2 hours of youtube wandering resulted in.

Here's the first in the series:


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