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[personal profile] calvinahobbes prompted me with this after I'd put people talking to me about femslashy things on my wishlist for [community profile] snowflake_challenge. February is coming, which means that, as I have for the last six years, the only fanworks that I'll be consuming or creating are female-centric ones, and since I'm a shipper there's a lot of femslash in that - Femslash February.

I tend to read more slash than anything else during the rest of the year. I like reading a lot of variations of the same story told over, and over. There's more slash so there are more variations available to me there and the size of slash fandom makes it easier to find works. I have deep roots there and I realised back in 2010 that it was really easy for me to read slash, but that I wanted to read more stories about women. Cutting male-centric fanworks out of my life completely was the easiest way, for me, to make sure that I consume fanworks about women. So, I sort of live in my own self-created fannish lesbian utopia for a month. Since I've started doing that the amount of fanworks I read about women has gone up in the other months, too; it's been a success for me, and I've made some really cool discoveries because of it. It's led me to all kinds of canons and there are all kinds of awesome femslash fanworks.

I need stories about women in my life. I need stories about queer women in my life. I am a woman, and I am queer. Those stories can be like water. Sometimes I'll run into a queer woman who will say something like, "It's a piece of shit, but it's got lesbians in it, so I'll be watching it." ...and, oh man. There's a Star Wars gif going around tumblr of Rey abruptly stopping when a ship is blown up in front of her, saying "the garbage will do" and abruptly turning and heading toward the Millenium Falcon; it's captioned with something like "when you have read all the good fic about your OTP." ...and that's it, it's that feeling, only I feel like very few of us have ever gotten used to consistently good content, we just want to see queer ladies represented and we don't have a whole lot of choices. I have watched some terrible, terrible media because of this.

Representation is so important. There's a quote by José Esteban Muñoz: "Heteronormative culture makes queers think that both past and future do not belong to them. All we are allowed to imagine is barely surviving in the present.” Stories are how we tell each other about our past and our future. Erasing queers from histories, from stories, can make it feel like we're not supposed to be here at all.

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[personal profile] calvinahobbes expressed interest in a recs post, and so gets (mostly) cheery Dreamwidth slash and femslash and het and gen.

five (of many) times the stargate ladies were awesome by [personal profile] thingswithwings
Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: PG-13; 2,100 words
She was doing something real, something important: writing code to make the city habitable again, to defend her people against invading Wraith armies, to refine the little tricorders to detect life and energy and food. These pursuits took up all of her time and much of her passion, but there was no moment at which she would've given it up and gone home, not even one.
This is a piece that is exactly what it says on the tin. The women that [personal profile] thingswithwings writes about are awesome. They're brave and clever and funny and resourceful and real. It's excellent. The stories are a little bit about facing something down, how there are different ways to be awesome, and how that awesomeness builds off of itself and grows.

No Regrets, Just Love by [personal profile] twentysomething
Rating: PG-13; 2,500 words; Kurt/Blaine
It doesn't help that Kurt is totally Blaine's type. Wes and David, who have been through Steven, Eric and Rory, with little more than a running treasure box of designer scarves stolen from former loves, both stare at Blaine skeptically.
While there are bits of this that have been Jossed the characterisation of Blaine in this is something that jives neatly with the show. It is also wonderful and hilarious, as are Wes and David. Blaine is this amazing dork, Wes and David are scathing and fabulous, and Kurt is Kurt at his best. It's an incredibly fun read.

Falling Is Like This by [personal profile] such_heights
Imagine Me & You
This is a joyously happy wee little vidlet that was made for yuletide fandom recruitment purposes. (Imagine Me & You is this wonderful British romcom starring Lena Headey and Piper Perabo - f/f ftw!) There's this great build in it and I'm incredibly fond of the way in which the film's climax has been used. It's a narrative vid and it's just really warm and good.
(Song: Falling Is Like This by Ani DiFranco)

These Words About A Girl by [personal profile] twentysomething
Bandom/Disney RPF
Rating: PG-13; 3,200 words; Kevin/Mike
It's more or less forgotten until the VMAs- when Bill- fucking Bill- appears at Mike's elbow and goes, "Michael, I've mentioned Demi to you before, haven't I? Oh, and this is her bosom companion, Miss Katherine Jonas."
Kevin is Katherine in this and the entire thing is pretty much adorable. Bill meddles, Mike's bandmates give him shit, Katie's brothers are protective of her, and it is excellent. Mike's reaction to Katie and his relationship with her is sweet and a little funny. It is this cute and fuzzy romance, as much Kevin/Mike fic is, and it is joyous. Joyous, I tell you. There is mild social confusion and everything is made of rainbows*.

Fall Stories by [personal profile] thingswithwings
Rating: PG; 3,500 words; Alice/Peggy, Parker/Sophie
Out on the sidewalk, Peggy takes Alice's hand (nails filed carefully so that she can pick locks easily, little calluses along her palm from nylon ropes) in her hand (smooth palms, little papercuts on her index finger) and they walk down the street like that. Parker doesn't think she's ever held hands while walking down a street before, but probably Alice has. Probably it's something that Alice gets to do all the time.
Parker's a fascinating character and this is a really interesting exploration of her and the dynamics of her relationships with other people. Hardison and Eliot have a fun little cameo in this and Parker's voice is fun (as it is) and very recognisable. It's a neat character exploration and romance story of sorts.

*There was an actualfax rainbow outside, just a bit ago. It was most excellent, and may be responsible for any tonal shifts you pick up in this. ...and also the title of this post, which is not terribly related to the content, but amuses me on a number of levels.
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NINJA by [ profile] skoosiepants
Bandom/Disney RPF
Rating: PG-13
*We are your losers, your loud weirdoes, your science stars, your shy, retiring band geeks*, Kevin thinks, and sets off for the stage.
I love this fic, because, in part, I think it hits on one of the fundamental truths of high school, that you'll probably spend most of it convinced you're a loser or a freak. I also love that line, Kevin's interior monologue as he goes on stage, because it is awesome and defiant and it has stuck with me over, actually, a couple of months at this point. The fic is about Mike Carden of The Academy Is... and Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, and, well, pretty much all of bandom. It's an AU wherein Kevin and a number of other people are part of a wee little group in high school that have a secret music blog and a secret band. It's pretty wonderful. It's this fantastically detailed little universe and there are actual blog entries provided, complete with set-lists and blogger snarking. There's all of this awesome teenaged flailing that doesn't trip my embarrassment squick. It's fantastic.

The Call by [ profile] mistokitt
Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: PG
The realization hit him fairly quickly at that point, he was sitting with the outcasts. The loners who weren't quite loners, but were never going to be a part of the clumps and groups and easily labeled segments of their peers. Sheppard smiled to himself. He was sitting with the future leaders of Atlantis.
I've been fond of this story for years at this point. It's this fantastic little alternate universe wherein Atlantis was discovered and fought over generations before the SGA gang arrived in canon and is now an uber military base/research facility/university. I love the amount of detail fleshed out in this, how the author explains so much of the mechanics of the 'verse and where the characters slot into it. The Atlantis depicted in here reminds me a little bit of the Battle School in Ender's Game in some ways, partially because of John's role as outsider and the relationship that he has to Atlantis. There's some excellent depiction of Sheppard's particular brand of neuroses in this meshed with his being a teenager. It's also this wonderful typically sideways John and Rodney love story. It's cute and original.

She's A Warm Body by [ profile] weyrdchic
Rating: R
"Heart on your sleeve" is such an easy cliche to throw around. Lauren wears her heart on her belly and her biceps and on the tip of her acid-barbed tongue, because if you're going to assume all kinds of shit when she walks around the corner anyway, then why shouldn't she fucking own it?
I love the Lauren in this story, for how perfectly she fleshes out the girl that we see onscreen and for how incredibly kick-ass she is. I love her for her confidence, her cynicism, her anger, and her put-on indifference; she's this amazing teenager and fantastic person. This fic is about her and how she becomes part of the glee club. I love that for all that she's sometimes an observer in this fic she never ceases to be uniquely herself, is never a device through which other people's stories are told. There's some Lauren/Puck action in here and some other canon pairings as well but the story is essentially a fantastically executed character study. It's all the things that the Lauren depicted in it is; it's wonderful.
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Had A Good Plan, Too Bad It Didn't Go Right by [ profile] bergann
Rating: PG-13
It's this incredibly sweet story that practically oozes of once upon a time. Puck and Kurt get to know each other; it's a fabulous teen romance with a little bit of edge. Also: Brittany is awesome in this.

I'm sick of being haunted by every cliché that I know by [ profile] fakeplasticsnow
Rating: PG-13
Kurt takes down the celibacy club. Kurt and Puck are friends and it is ridiculous and amazing. This, also, is a slightly twisted teen romance, and it is awesome. Funny and sweet. There are some glorious clichés in this and Mike is this amazing person who has a thing for Kurt.

In a Giddy Whirl and its sequel, A Tale That Can't be Told by [ profile] waldorph
Rating: NC-17
Puck-centric and the tone is pretty damn spot on. It's the love story of Rachel and Puck and it carves out that relationship really well. It's true to the characters and sweet. The minisequel is highly recommended on account of being funny and wonderful.

Wonderwall by [ profile] anomalousalanna
Rating: NC-17
When Quinn gets kicked out Rachel takes her in and she becomes part of that home. There are arguments over board games and a romance that develops as Quinn's pregnancy progresses. It's cute.


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