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[personal profile] calvinahobbes prompted me with this after I'd put people talking to me about femslashy things on my wishlist for [community profile] snowflake_challenge. February is coming, which means that, as I have for the last six years, the only fanworks that I'll be consuming or creating are female-centric ones, and since I'm a shipper there's a lot of femslash in that - Femslash February.

I tend to read more slash than anything else during the rest of the year. I like reading a lot of variations of the same story told over, and over. There's more slash so there are more variations available to me there and the size of slash fandom makes it easier to find works. I have deep roots there and I realised back in 2010 that it was really easy for me to read slash, but that I wanted to read more stories about women. Cutting male-centric fanworks out of my life completely was the easiest way, for me, to make sure that I consume fanworks about women. So, I sort of live in my own self-created fannish lesbian utopia for a month. Since I've started doing that the amount of fanworks I read about women has gone up in the other months, too; it's been a success for me, and I've made some really cool discoveries because of it. It's led me to all kinds of canons and there are all kinds of awesome femslash fanworks.

I need stories about women in my life. I need stories about queer women in my life. I am a woman, and I am queer. Those stories can be like water. Sometimes I'll run into a queer woman who will say something like, "It's a piece of shit, but it's got lesbians in it, so I'll be watching it." ...and, oh man. There's a Star Wars gif going around tumblr of Rey abruptly stopping when a ship is blown up in front of her, saying "the garbage will do" and abruptly turning and heading toward the Millenium Falcon; it's captioned with something like "when you have read all the good fic about your OTP." ...and that's it, it's that feeling, only I feel like very few of us have ever gotten used to consistently good content, we just want to see queer ladies represented and we don't have a whole lot of choices. I have watched some terrible, terrible media because of this.

Representation is so important. There's a quote by José Esteban Muñoz: "Heteronormative culture makes queers think that both past and future do not belong to them. All we are allowed to imagine is barely surviving in the present.” Stories are how we tell each other about our past and our future. Erasing queers from histories, from stories, can make it feel like we're not supposed to be here at all.

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Almost There (A Disney Office AU) by [ profile] cest_what
Rating: PG | 4,221 words | Jane Porter/Fa Mulan
Summary: In which Jane has a crush and a dream, Mulan is determined but asleep on her feet, and Shang is possibly stalking Aladdin.
This is such an excellent AU; there's this whole cast of Disney characters in this and they've been slotted into place in a modern office so well. Everything fits together here perfectly and the story told here manages to be charming and a little funny and fluffy and real. The tone of this piece feels like a dead-on match for its parenthetical title, basically, which is incredibly satisfying. The romance arc is adorable and Aladdin and Jane's friendship is pretty prominent, which is great. There's a lot of really awesome detail in this; it's such a delightful read.

the girl with the celluloid stare by [ profile] graceoftheworld
Rating: NC-17 | 2,189 words | Vicky-T/Greta
She likes caramel soy lattés, and assam tea with maple syrup, and chocolate eclairs, and almond croissants. She has the sweetest smile. She wears summer dresses in winter and lots of bracelets on her arms. Her bag is covered in punk buttons. Vicky-T hands her change to her and thinks, *I could just eat you right up*.
I love the depiction of Vicky-T's kind of fixation in this, how there's this theme with her of how sweet Greta is. I love the realness of this, how Vicky-T's a little mean and Greta's a bit undignified. I love the kind of flirtatious banter that they have in this and how much of a bandom story this is, with that realness, those flaws, and all of the setting that isn't in the coffeeshop - that's set in some club or party instead; it's awesome.

Words That I Can't Say by [ profile] lady_ragnell
Rating: G | 8,087 words | Elena/Mithian
Summary: Elena's got a massive crush on her politics TA, and Mithian's doing absolutely nothing to discourage it.
This work is part of a trilogy, each work of which focuses on a different character's romance set around the same period, so, what that translates to is a really adorable B-plot and that the characters who aren't Elena and Mithian clearly have other things going on and are their own people; this is another really fleshed out universe. Elena and Mithian are wonderful and bond over books and history, all without setting off my abuse of power squick, and are just generally delighted by each other; it's wonderful. It's also a really great university AU, specifically; Elena and her best friend have favourite study hang-outs and a preferred source of warm caffeinated beverages, correspondences with people who've left school, and the setting is just generally very much lived in - it's great.
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Mechanic!Gwen by [ profile] yue_ix
SFW; art; Gwen
So, this is not a picture of Morgana. There is a distinct lack of Morgana. It is gorgeous, though, so I am reccing it. It's made up of these wonderful warm colours and features steampunk!mechanic!Gwen. It's lovely. I love the sketchy poster background and the dragon. I love how clearly Gwen this person is.

On Swefnum, Incuthra Eorthan by [ profile] srin
Rating: PG; 1,300 words; Gwen/Morgana, hints of Arthur/Merlin, various
Summary: Morgana sleeps, and sees other facets of the archetypes in her life.
Morgana dreams of the Arthurian multiverse. It's fun and funny and touching and wonderful. It's this great mix of things, silly and serious, joyful and sad. (There's some good critique in it, too!)

Remember Me As A Time Of Day by [personal profile] such_heights
Rating: PG-13; 1,400 words; Gwen/Morgana
In an open field, under a morning sky, two women sleep.
Gorgeous amnesia!fic, elegant and moving. It's kind of ridiculously pretty, like a quiet sad song. There are some really fantastic lines in this; it's excellent fic.

Blood Makes Noise by [personal profile] avendya
This vid is a really fantastic look at Morgana and the place that she finds herself in. The song choice is excellent. I have a lot of love for the message of this vid, what it portrays and the way that it explores Morgana's motivations; it does an excellent job of getting its message across.
(Song: Blood Makes Noise by Suzanne Vega)
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This, essentially, is what I have bookmarked in the last 24 hours. I am usually slow to rec, something which has been commented on obliquely in the past. So, now, I forge new territory in my adventurer's scarf.

the electric things have their life, too by [ profile] steammmpunk
Stargate: Atlantis
I find people with electrical and/or mechanical components fascinating. This is a cyberpunk AU art, and it is gorgeous and I am filled with great love for the title.

Hello Kitty Vader
I have a love of costuming and strange things. Accordingly, this amuses me greatly. I am, however, slightly disturbed by the tattoos.

And No One Exists Alone by Philipa Moss
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Rating: PG
My fondness for this and essentially fic written in this fandom tends to get all tangled up in my fondness of and frustration with canon. It's a story about how Matthew and Gareth met, and it's lovely.

A Narrow Bridge by [ profile] kassrachel
Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: R
This is the Yeshiva* AU, as such, it's essentially set in a universe I know next to nothing about. [The location is not incidental to the story, so I spent a fair bit of my time reading this being kind of fascinated at the religious parts of the story, (religion is a thing of great mystery to me) and that culture. I got something that I hadn't before.] It works really well.

*Jewish school

Need by [ profile] newkidfan
Oh, this is pretty and jazzy and sexy. There's this gorgeous stuttery-ness to it in places, like someone can't stay fixed in one place, like they're a little overwelmed.
(Song: Dawna by Morphine)

Fostered by [ profile] rageprufrock
Rating: PG
It's a very cute and happy and wonderful little story. There is a dragon in it, which endears it to me to no end. It's all so wonderfully sweet and there are these utterly charming little bits of humour threaded throughout.


Jan. 14th, 2009 09:51 pm
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In celebration of the DADT reveal [ profile] mcsmooch is on. (and also [ profile] non_mcsmooch) Accordingly, I bring you insta!recs!

This Moment by [ profile] hestia_lacey
Rating: PG
When the news breaks there's dancing, music, and champagne; the city is wonderful.

Breaking the Silence by [ profile] villainny
Rating: PG
It's a kiss, and John's adorable and wonderful.

A Stooge For Your Charms by [ profile] trolleys
Merlin art. There's champagne, and "Arthur is a slightly drunken princess"; it's awesome.


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