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Fanmix for [community profile] bandombigbang, complement to [personal profile] argentumlupine's podfic, Half of Something Else(, a podfic of [ profile] fleurdeliser and [ profile] tuesdaysgone's fic, Half of Something Else).

Title: Three is a Magic Number
Format: fanmix
Bands: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Grant Morrison
Size: 25 songs
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: addiction (the singer in track 5 pledges to enable an imaginary addiction and in 21 there's a positive drug metaphor)
Summary: "hand in hand is the only way to land"


01.This Is Not a Test: "for those of you who tried but didn't make it"
02.Will It Go Round in Circles: "I got a song that ain't got no melody, I'mma gonna sing it to my friends"
03.Lois and Clark/The New Adventures of Superman: see title
04.Start the Commotion: see title
05.You and I: "If you found your toothpaste empty I would squeeze out just a little more"
06.No Diggity: "I like the way you work it"
07.Ixtapa: dinner party
08.We Are Going to Be Friends: "when I wake tomorrow I'll bet that you and I will walk together again, I can tell that we are gonna be friends"
09.Stay Lit: Scotland
10.Happiness: Scotland
11.Around You: "you have a sweet sinful smile I'm in trouble"
12.Don't Let Me Fall: "I need someone to take a little of the weight or I'll fall through"
13.You Really Got Me: "don't ever set me free, I always want to be by your side, girl, you really got me now, you got me so I can't sleep at night"
14.Do You Want It All: "because you want to be all"
15.This Love: "these hands had to let it go free and this love came back to me"
16.Come and Find Me: "though I'm here in this far off place my air is not your time and space"
17.Change of Season: "you want love but you fear it"
18.Wires: "talk me out of my lies and forgive myself for trying, tell me to be brave tonight"
19.Let's Get It On: "there's nothing wrong with me loving you"
20.The Lovecats: "hand in hand is the only way to land"
21.Barcelona Loves You: "we're all in love with you, we never wanna say good night"
22.Be My Thrill: "everybody needs someone to adore, I'm counting on you"
23.Groovin': "the world is ours whenever we're together, there ain't a place I'd like to be instead"
24.Life Is a Song: "life is a song, let's sing it together, let's take our hearts and dip them in rhyme"
25.Three is a Magic Number: "it takes three legs to make a tripod or to make a table stand"


Mostly I prefer that this mix speak for itself. It is sort of an impressionistic rendering of [personal profile] argentumlupine's podfic, Half of Something Else. I will go into a little more detail about a few of the song choices, though: This Is Not a Test, Will It Go Round in Circles, and Three is a Magic Number, came about as a set; they're linked musically for me and, in order are basically: sometimes you do not succeed, I am making this shit up as I go along, and the obligatory roll credits poly song.

One of my goals going in was not to use any bandom song at all and there are a couple songs whose inclusion I would like to explain:

Lois and Clark/The New Adventures of Superman is about Frank starting work and also my strong disagreement with his stance on Superman - basically: this is kind of a joke (sorry, not sorry) and in this story I am making him play the part of Superman, and also Lois, because she's awesome. The song is also about new adventure and competency, for me, so: justified.

Let's Get It On is just- it's such a cliche and Marvin Gaye's voice is so great and it makes me happy and there's this kind of element of play in a lot of the sex scenes that's really great, so - you're welcome?

[personal profile] argentumlupine gave me a lot of feelings about Grant fucking Morrison and his, like, everything, in their podfic. This is sort of them on mixtape with the story.

Thanks to [personal profile] argentumlupine, [personal profile] readbystarlight, and [personal profile] sobluethesky, who let me pick their brains.

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