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Nov. 19th, 2015 08:53 pm
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How You Get The Girl by [archiveofourown.org profile] paperclipbitch
Young Avengers
Rating: PG-13 | 3,543 words | Kate Bishop/America Chavez
Summary: America has never pretended she can’t be hypocritical, but she’s also a hell of a lot better at subtlety than Teddy is. Which is why nobody’s plaguing her to ask out Weirdly Graceful Trust Fund Student.
I think that really all I want in a Young Avengers Diner AU is America being snarky and hooking up with Kate. This has that, the other Young Avengers tucked in well, pop culture references, and a lot of Marvel cameos in the form of those names you make up for people when you don't know what they call themselves. It's fun.

Waiting On by [archiveofourown.org profile] thehoyden
Rating: PG-13 | 2,173 words | Arthur/Eames
Summary: "French toast, pancakes, steak and eggs -- I could make you anything in the world, pet, but no. Egg-white omelette, morning after morning. It shows a distinct lack of imagination."
This is basically adorable. I love the kind of almost-domesticity that springs up with Eames taking care of Arthur each morning before Arthur's quite pulled himself together, and I love Eames' flirting and Arthur's reaction to it. It's charming.

Of Reddest Stolen Cherries by [personal profile] words_instead
American Idol RPF
Rating: PG-13 | ~26,000 words | Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Summary: Kris owns an inter-dimensional cafe! Kris doesn't know he owns an inter-dimensional cafe.
Kris runs a cafe that is right on some kind of nexus between worlds so a good chunk of his staff and customers are fantastical beings and Kris dismisses any weirdness he detects as a result of it being in Los Angeles. Fairy tale fantasy crossed over with a bit of foodporn and the mundane. It is glorious, glorious fluff; it's joyous. Kris makes fantastic food and they take on the Wild Hunt. There's a pillow fort.

~ belonging

Jul. 8th, 2012 11:36 pm
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These are all stories that hit my domestic/home/safe kink and they've all got this element of uncertainty or carefulness in them. It's an excellent combination.

Safe Harbour by [archiveofourown.org profile] softlyforgotten
Rating: PG-13; 3,037 words; Z Berg/Tennessee Thomas
Summary: "We're on the lam," Z said.
I've been planning on reccing this fic since I read it. It's this really lovely, kind of quiet, mundane story with all of these undercurrents and bits of wonderful phrasing that all make it the sort of story that's really easy to sink into for me, easy to read again. Z and Tennessee take a road trip with Laena to Reni, Charlotte behind them, and it's just- it's really great.

one foot in and one foot back by [archiveofourown.org profile] inlovewithnight
Snow White and the Huntsman RPF
Rating: PG-13; 1,676 words; Charlize Theron/Kristen Stewart
Summary: This is not her life, but she doesn't want to go home.
It's this gorgeous domestic story about, in part, being all tangled up with wanting something. Kristen is brilliantly written in this and there are some really enjoyable details and bits of humour throughout.

Set Our Watches Forward Like We're Just Arriving Here by [personal profile] summerstorm
American Idol RPF
Rating: NC-17; 5,310 words; Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Summary: "I haven't actually broken anything, it's just a stupid fracture," or how Kris Allen fractured his wrist and decided to keep his apartment, and also Adam.
This is another fic with cautiousness and uncertainty, with all of that tension that's sometimes there before a relationship happens. I really love the journey that Kris takes in this fic, getting to a place where he's happier, where he's more at home. It's wonderful.
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I Constantly Thank God For George Lucas by [personal profile] twentysomething
Bandom/Glee RPF
Rating: PG-13; 6,000 words; Chris Colfer/Ian Crawford; ableist language: "lamest"
Summary: "Check it out, I think you've found a nerd soulmate," Mark whispers loudly, especially for a dude who was home-schooled and likes to bird watch. But Chris obligingly looks across the aisle to the opposing gate and holy crap- there's a Yoda backpack leaning up against the leg of a skinny redhead."
This story is such a fun romp. It's full of texts and tweets and twitpics and youtube links and other graphics. There's this budding long distance romance between Chris and Ian that is gloriously fuzzy and all of these really wonderful bits and pieces with their band and cast mates being ridiculous running throughout the piece. It's really joyful and full of humour and adorable wee shenanigans, essentially.

Making Other Plans by [archiveofourown.org profile] skoosiepants
Bandom/Disney RPF
Rating: PG-13; 7,380 words; Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden
Summary: Kevin quits showbiz, gets a divorce, goes to college, starts a band, and gets adopted by crazy people.
Kevin brought this on himself, though, he can admit that. He could have said no to the band and the house and the roommates and the mentally challenged cat. Kevin has made his bed, and now he must lie in it.
I love stories like this. There's this somewhat awkward fumbling romance between Kevin and Mike that's delightful, but not really the point of or the main focus of the story; it's about Kevin essentially growing into himself after JONAS. It's really wonderful and there are all of these little details in this that make the universe that it depicts real. It's a futurefic wherein Selena Gomez and Kevin Jonas start up a band and keep their real identities incredibly badly concealed while making enchantingly adorable music. It's incredibly charming and fun

Outside the Rules by [archiveofourown.org profile] bexless
Bandom/American Idol RPF
Rating: PG; 1,600 words; Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Adam Lambert
Summary: MCR/Adam high school au crossover fic where they go LARPing.
“I don’t understand why I shouldn’t have a cloak,” Adam said for the fifth time.
Gerard and Adam are geeky queer teenaged outsiders at each other and they bond - that's what this story is. It's fantastic. Adam and Gerard are snippy and earnest and caring at each other. It's funny and adorable.
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So I feel really strange writing about reccing, but it's something I've been thinking about lately. I've been reading challenge and festival guidelines, which is what's sparking this post.

There's a new comm that I'm actually really excited about and interested to see how it develops and what its community looks like and I have all the excitement about this comm. It looks really, really cool. So, this is a community pimp and then some meta.

[community profile] fan_flashworks is an all-fandoms multimedia flashworks challenge community. "The goal of this challenge is to produce all kinds of new fanwork, to encourage play, practice and experimentation." The guidelines page is really long and I've only skimmed and read sections of it at this point, but you should check it out because it is awesome. No, seriously. It is.

I really dig the guidelines. This is, in fact, a guidelines rec. They have a mission statement and a really wonderful quote. It helps, a lot, that I really like both of these things; I like what this comm is setting out to be: a place to foster creativity and creators. It is all kinds of friendly to people who are new. The guidelines are well-organised, and as I was skimming over them I was thinking one of the mods totally hung out at [community profile] kradamadness, didn't they? [personal profile] sprat did and the guidelines are adapted from [personal profile] jerakeen's. It shows. A lot of the things that I really loved about [community profile] kradamadness and its guidelines are carried over, including the friendliness and emphasis on and encouragement of different types of fanworks.

One of the sections that I have read in full is the guidelines for rec sets and something that threw me was that "you can’t recommend a fanwork if it has already been recommended in that round."* I can see the logic behind that rule and I'm not suggesting that it be changed, but I also think that it's really, really interesting.

[ETA: Update: [community profile] fan_flashworks has removed this rule from their guidelines because they didn't feel it was in the spirit of their comm. ([personal profile] china_shop replied here in the comments.)]

I think that the rules and guidelines that get drawn up for challenges and communities and bigbangs, etc. are significant. I think that they work to set the tone of the community and that where there are breakdowns of different types of fanworks that those are really interesting. One of the things that I've seen meta about has been the role of artists in bigbangs, that a lot of these fests are very writer-centric in a way that's not friendly to artists.

There are opinions and biases at work when rules and guidelines get drawn up and, where there are breakdowns of different fanworks, I think those rules and guidelines say something about how different varieties of fanworks are perceived.

[community profile] fan_flashworks' rule* about not re-reccing things in the same round would never have occurred to me. I think it ties in with a specific approach to reccing. I think that there's something in there about recs serving to promote works and I think that that's a rule that ties more into the role of recs as promotion rather than recs as fanworks themselves. ...and this is where I start to feel awkward writing this, because it's personal.

Meta )
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The Power of Myth by [livejournal.com profile] mosca
Gilmore Girls
Rating: PG-13; ~2,500 words; Paris/Rory
There is a different President today than there was yesterday. That alone makes it a good day to be Paris Geller. When interviewed, she will say that she didn't have much to do with it, because she was busy exhorting people to educate themselves about local candidates and campaigns.
This is future!fic that was posted back in 2005, before the final two seasons of the show aired. It is wonderful. Paris becomes a pundit and attends the 2012 Inaugural Ball. The future building is really interesting, because it is an AU, and we're not so many months off from that time now and the reality is different; there are things that have and haven't happened. Paris as a pundit is also this really perfect concept; I love where she and Rory end up and I love how things aren't perfect, how, just like the series finale, there wasn't that kind of neat ending. I love the reality of this piece and I love how Rory and Paris talk to each other. I love how they interact, how Joseph Campbell is this thing for them, I love them. I love how this fic brings them together.

The Wrath of The Whatever From High Atop The Thing by [livejournal.com profile] amazingly_me
Rating: PG-13; 8,230 words; Arthur/Eames
“Pictures of Dom tonight, Eames,” Yusuf replies from the doorway. “Pictures of the man who is actually running for president or I swear to you, I will point out to Arthur that he has a stalker with no shame and a thousand dollar camera.”
I love this fic. It's an Eames-centric work and the writing is perfectly in synch with that. It's funny. There are some amazing lines and sections in this. I love how the characters talk to each other in this; I love the banter in this. I love the kind of affection that there is in that kind of speech. I love the things that Eames does to make other people smile and I love how Eames falls ridiculously in love with Arthur. It's the story of that, that relationship, and also Dom's campaign and Mal. There are some fantastic feelings in this. Dom is Dom, running for president; the characters are excellent, it's an excellent alternate universe.

Quod Gratis Asseritur, Gratis Negatur by [archiveofourown.org profile] summerstorm
American Idol RPF
Rating: PG-13; 2,869 words; Adam/Kris
"I can't leave yet, can I?" Kris asked when Adam walked by his desk, voice dry and resigned. Adam was pretty sure it was just him and Kris left in a four-room radius, so it wasn't a strange way for Kris to react to seeing him there.
Adam is the Deputy Chief of Staff and Kris is his assistant. (I think that this is a pretty straight-up Josh/Donna West Wing AU; some day I may watch an episode of the show and know whether or not that is true.) It features an Adam that is kind of boisterous, unsubtle, and has a lot of affection for Kris. There are also long hours and general ridiculousness and inappropriate conversations. I love the argument that Adam and Kris have in this; they have an argument about their anniversary. It is kind of the most amazingly fluffy and squishable thing ever. There's also a fair amount going on in the background of the fic, so that the work feels like this really quick snapshot into this universe.
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[personal profile] sobluethesky expressed interest in a "post to explain who this Adam Lambert person is, likely with some RPF stuff thrown in" over a year ago. There was a ticky-box, I’m not quite sure how invested [personal profile] sobluethesky actually is in this; I’ve remained remarkably unhounded about this, which may be a sign, A SIGN THAT I AM IGNORING. ♥

Adam Lambert was the runner-up the eighth season of American Idol.

I feel that I should disclaim: I’ve never watched American Idol. I watched the local equivalent last time around, though, and I suspect all of its incarnations are roughly the same.

"American Idol is a reality television competition to find new solo singing talent."*

Basic Mechanics of Idol: )

It is massively popular. "As of January 2011 it is the most-watched TV series in the Nielson ratings and is the only program to have been number one for six consecutive seasons."*


I’m going to talk a little bit about Idol and fans, because that’s kind of hugely important for this discussion. Idol is set up for fans, that is, essentially, the whole point; they want to make money. They do that by drawing in viewers, creating fans, and selling records.

Idol is not exclusively about music. That ridiculous behind-the-scenes footage is spinning narratives and contributes to character development. Idol is a show that tells stories, and no, they may not sit you down and preface it with, say, “This is the story of Friedrich,” but the select bits of footage they show you of his family and friends, his hometown, him behind-the-scenes, the words that the judges and hosts use when they’re describing him or his singing, the things that they keep bringing up, the songs that he sings (which he may have influence on, but not control of), these weave together into a story. Idol produces a celebrity narrative.

I’m going to talk about this a bit more fannishly for a span. )

The Adam Lambert American Idol narrative, from what I understand, goes like this:

Adam Lambert had been living in L.A. for a number of years and working in musical theatre before he decided to try out for American Idol. (This decision may have coincided with drug use in the desert.) His performances on Idol were really theatrical, something he was criticised for by the judges, but also made them, you know, fun to watch. Photos of him kissing an ex-boyfriend came out while he was on the show and were a source of controversy in the media coverage of that season. He roomed with Kris Allen (southern, Christian, young married, and that season's winner), for a good chunk of the show and they got along really well. Adam also got along really well with the then-seventeen year old Allison Iraheta, who made it to the top four.

Adam placed second and came out as gay in Rolling Stone afterwards, his sexuality never having been brought up on American Idol. In the article he talked about having a crush on Allen, who said in an interview with Adam afterwards that he had a crush on Adam. (There's a fair amount of footage of those two being happy, silly, and teasing.)

Adam is known for his controversial performance of For Your Entertainment at the 2009 American Music Awards wherein he kissed his male bassist. The support tour for his debut album, also called For Your Entertainment, was called the Glam Nation Tour and featured former Idol-mate Allison Iraheta as an opener for a good chunk of the North American dates.

That's a pretty stripped down version of that story. There is a lot of information and discussion about Adam Lambert out there.

Tightrope by [personal profile] sweetestdrain is a vid that you should watch. I'm reccing it here as another rundown of the Adam Lambert narrative and to provide context. The source material for this vid includes footage from his music videos, American Idol, concerts, interviews, photo shoots,and other media coverage. I like it for its presentation of the relationship that Adam has had with the media. It does what it set out to do well; it's incredibly shiny and has some good movement to it. It's set to Tightrope by Janelle Monae, and the lyrics are on the vid page if you need them. (You should go watch it now.)

The reason that Adam Lambert is kind of a big deal is that you can get into all kinds of cultural discussion talking about him. You can talk about Adam Lambert and sexuality, gender, queer issues, diversity, or celebrity. Jian Ghomeshi interviewed him on Q in February of last year and that interview is a pretty good introduction to who Adam Lambert is and touches on a bit of that cultural discussion; you can watch it and see where that discussion is coming from. There’s a lot of discussion about diversity in the interview; it seems to be an ongoing theme with Adam and something that he’s been actively supporting, which is really nice to see.

Adam says in the interview that, "[his] biggest thing is: have fun, be free, don’t hurt yourself or anybody else in the process." It’s an excellent set of guiding principles. He also talks about his love of music that’s sexy, fun and decadent and how he believes in being your own person and embracing your identity, "letting it all hang out, owning it, feeling comfortable in your skin." He seems to be doing that and that's awesome.

The reason that Adam Lambert is noteworthy is that being gay is noteworthy, being out is noteworthy, being comfortable with your sexuality and sex-positive is noteworthy, being a man who wears glitter and make-up and dresses up is noteworthy, being queer-positive is noteworthy, being diversity-positive is noteworthy; these are all things that aren't or aren't seen as standard in our culture. That Adam Lambert is these things and is also a mainstream artist is really interesting.

So a lot of the hype of Adam Lambert is tied into the identity and values that he presents as part of his public persona. He also sings and is a pretty awesome performer. His music videos might be a good place to start out if you're interested in his music:

It's worth noting that Adam Lambert is Adam Lambert, musician and not Adam Lambert, gay rights activist. That Adam spends a fair amount of time talking about his sexuality and answering a certain type of interview question is a choice that he makes, but one that I suspect isn't much of one at all for him.

So Adam Lambert is this amazing singer with an impressive range who wears leather and studwork and sparkly things and climbs on stage and performs the hell out of things, does fascinating things with his hips and does stage gay with his bassist, pulls his hair and kisses him, is a sexually aggressive gay man, sits down on stage and talks earnestly to his audience, wears sex toys sometimes, and doesn't apologise for any of it. He's a little bit like a superhero.

People dress up for his concerts. They paint their nails and put on awesome hats and wear feathers and glitter and fun clothing and get a little glammed up. What I've read about his concerts makes them sound like a rock concert crossed over with Pride, with a less pervasive rainbow theme.

I recommend this fandom, is what I'm saying. There are sparkly things and leather and studwork and dressing up and awesome people in it.

Fanwork about Adam Lambert goes by a couple different labels, actually. It's down as American Idol RPF for season 8 or Glam RPF or sometimes Bandom. There are some really good primers out there:

So you’d like to get to know Adam Lambert... by [livejournal.com profile] scribblinlenore
This post is really good for links. There are links to primers for main pairings, meta, communities, rec pages, and twitters. There is also a picspam with a few gifs thrown in that is worth checking out for the pretty. (I am quite fond of the second picture in this, wherein Adam looks like he has fallen out of an exceptionally pretty anime.)

Fandom Overview: American Idol Season Eight by [livejournal.com profile] onthehillside
This is a really good and concise rundown of the season 8 people that also includes some people not directly involved with the show - friends of contestants and interesting media people that sometimes appear in fic. There are also some fandom resources linked to at the end, including a number of primers.

WE JUST FELT EACH OTHER'S ENERGY, AND IT WAS NICE. by [livejournal.com profile] buffyx
Good internet is a necessity for viewing this page. It is an epic, long picspam. There are many gifs and videos. It's pretty in depth coverage of both Kris' and Adam's idol story. If you're interested in getting into Kradam this is the post to read. It is a fannish recount and a lot of fun for that.

Kradam Fic Reclist by [livejournal.com profile] weddingbeaches
An extensive, well-organised and detailed rec list that includes a little bit of non-Kradam fic, podfic, fanvids, interview links, downloads, other rec lists, comms, and other relevant fannish things. It's a really fantastic resource.

(So hopefully that's been educational and useful and things. If you see a mistake, be it a typo or something else, please point it out to me. Discussion is also awesome as are various other forms of feedback.)
(Edited 2011-07-29 15:15 to add alternate, non-vevo links for music videos)

Cat Recs

May. 16th, 2011 03:26 pm
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This is a post about cats. Cats make me happy. Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats. (This is generally my reaction to cat fic, or art, or- someone should make a vid. I am trying to get it out of my system before I get to the recs.) I have not done a set of cat recs in some time. So. Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats.

And I Say It's All Right by [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants
Bandom/Disney RPF
Rating: PG; 2,500 words; Kevin/Mike
The day after his divorce is finalized, Kevin stretches out of a depressed stupor masquerading as sleep and realizes he has a tail.
I really love this, not least because if I could turn into a cat when I was having a bad time I totally would. The details of being a cat in here are right, the gestures and processes are accurate; it's good characterisation. I really like the journey that Kevin makes in here and his interactions with the outside world. There are some wonderful little off-hand bits and lines in this and it's just a really comfortable and satisfying read.

Cat!Panic by [livejournal.com profile] aredblush
Rating: G; art; Brendon/Spencer
This is amazing. [livejournal.com profile] aredblush draws Brendon and Spencer as cats and they remain completely and utterly themselves. The faces and posturing and the clarity of and just how much is gotten across is seriously impressive. It's an amusing and adorable piece.

Felis Catus by [livejournal.com profile] fermine
Rating: PG-13; 6,088 words; Arthur/Eames; Warning: attempted rape by an OC
It wasn't too bad, being a cat, and except for the size he was rendered in, it wasn't that much of a problem.
When Arthur is accidentally turned into a cat by Yusuf he is entrusted into Eames' care. Arthur's pretty interesting in this fic just for how little the characterisation of him changes when he becomes a cat and how he struggles with some of the technical repercussions of that transformation. Eames is kind of gloriously oblivious to things in this and their interactions are a bit amusing for that.

Keep to Catch, Catch to Keep by [personal profile] akavertigo
American Idol RPF
Rating: PG; 4,400 words; Adam/Kris
When Allison has her first hunt Kris sulks throughout the whole night.
There aren't actually any cats in this fic; Kris and Adam are a fox and wolf, respectively. It's cleaned up commentfic and still bearing a few marks from that, but it is completely and utterly adorable. The prompt upon which this story is based was also written by [personal profile] akavertigo and is sweet and amusing back-story from Adam's POV. The main story is about Kris being a fox and finding a place for himself with a wolf pack. It's joyously fuzzy and chin-hands cute.

Schrodinger's Cat by [archiveofourown.org profile] VerboseWordsmith
Rating: PG; 1, 908 words; Annie/Laena
"I can try? If you can power Curiosity down, I'll take a look at the schematics and we can open her up."
This is a Eureka AU and it's shiny and fun. There are these wonderful little side details that slot everyone into this world beautifully. There's geeky social dynamics and competitiveness and a kind of sideways romantic beginning. It's really cute and amusing and just generally this happy little thing and awesome peek at a universe full of a lot of potential.
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Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by [livejournal.com profile] helenish
Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
It’s this glorious Draco/Neville romance that reads like a really awesome romance novel; Malfoy is horribly abused by his mustache-twirling type father, is disgraced and marries to escape the abuse, and then proceeds to spend a lot of time baking and being insecure. It’s lovely, and there are all of these descriptions of food scattered throughout the piece, which makes me happy. I love how genuinely awkward people are in this when reacting to awkward situations; it scans as authentic. It’s this wonderful slow romance.

United States of Hysteria by [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone
Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: PG
I love this story; it’s one of my favorites. It’s not a fandom must-read, and was written years ago as a birthday present with a little TBC as the recipient wishes tagged on at the end. It’s the beginning of a story that, as far as I know, has never been finished. It’s wry and funny and sweet, though, and the alternate universe in this is kind of fascinating and wonderful, though a little dark. It’s a Rodney-centric fic and there are a couple really nice scenes of Miller home life in it. Teyla is also a prominent character in this and she is very much herself. It’s lovely.

In Writing by [personal profile] astolat
American Idol RPF
Rating: NC-17
This fic falls under the “strange contractual obligations” section of the post title. It’s this fantastic little piece of crack wherein Kris is contractually obliged to sleep in Adam’s bed. Kris is kind of gloriously sullen about the whole thing; it’s adorable and also kind of hilarious.
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Fandom Nominations for Yuletide 2010 Are Now Open! I'm really excited, but haven't submitted my rare fandom nominations yet, because I am made of indecision, and also the possessor of a not-so-surprising agenda that means that means that I'm really interested in character nominations as well, and kind of want to nominate "RPF - Hockey", just so that I can add Foster Hewitt to that character list, or, oh, Maurice Richard. *Ahem.* So I am mulling over my options.

Over in [community profile] asexual_fandom the Ace Manifestos Project is starting up, wherein people will be writing meta about characters they think of as asexuals. It's pretty exciting. Sheldon Cooper, Fox Mulder and Neal Caffrey are among the characters that have been claimed so far; I'm really looking forward to reading these posts.

[community profile] kradamadness' monthly multimedia challenge's theme this month is toys and there are some really amazing entries over there. There is a picspam of little foxes. Seriously. It's awesome. (Also: I wrote fic. It was late, the prompt was hilarious, [personal profile] sobluethesky will be getting that meta post... eventually. I swear.)

(ETA: Aside: Random Canadian Census Update is Random: Motherfuck. That is all.)


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