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I feel like it's been longer than it actually has been since I've written about Doctor Who, probably because the show's in a pretty different place now than it was then, and also because I am so thrown by this season's schedule; April means a new season and there's a new story arc but not a new season and it is weirding me out.

There's a thing, now, and has been for a while, where I spend a chunk of my time watching Doctor Who angrily cursing at it. I love Doctor Who, but not this Doctor Who, is where I am now, I think. I go into each episode much more wary and less willing to be charmed by it.

I hadn't talked about Who for a while until last weekend, when I'm pretty sure that every time it came up I descended into angry ranting. Part of that has been me saying that I want a different showrunner. I have a strong sense that the number of women involved in production has been decreasing since Moffat took over, and, just, I have a lot of unhappiness that has been coming out as "Gone. I want him gone." I feel like Moffat's going to be sticking around for a while, though. I look at the new opening credits and the way they're looking more and more like the old credits, like the credits Moffat grew up watching, and think he is never going to leave. I don't feel like Moffat's done with Doctor Who, or close to being done with it.

So, Doctor Who is apparently something that I need to talk about, that I have feelings about that I need to get out. I jotted down reactions in pen and ink when I watched the first two episodes a couple weeks ago and am transferring the ones that still make sense to me, so: vomit-y not always positive episode reactions under the cut.

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I... feel like Doctor Who is becoming/has become a lot more simplified. Like, RTD's Who, for me, was all about character journeys and this new Who feels more like clunky adventure episodes, and like there's less respect for the viewer's intelligence. I feel so cranky about everything right now, and also like I'm not expressing my crankiness properly somehow, which is also making me cranky, which is kind of amusing. ...and I also feel kind of apologetic for the crankiness thing, which is ridiculous, but I am really not used to feeling this conflicted about a show that I am watching; it's a new experience for me, and I'm processing. Slowly. *hands*
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When I asked for journal content suggestions one of [personal profile] calvinahobbes' ideas was "Hats! Hats are good! Do you want to talk even MORE about all the cool hats Eleven has yet to wear? IDK, it could be like an unordered list of tiny scenario ideas..." I would just like to say that the wikipedia entry for hats is amazing, and, also I had no idea how much I liked hats. (I do not know how I managed that.)

So, indeed, hats:

There is, of course, the bowler hat. I mention this, in part, because I think Matt Smith would take extraordinary delight in re-enacting the dinner roll ballet and I think he would be an adorable dork doing so. Smith strikes me as a man who appreciates Chaplin, so seeing his Doctor fanboying would be delightful. Chaplin had an anecdote about entering a tramp impersonation contest and placing third. Maybe The Doctor also entered.

There's the Phrygian cap for American revolution, democracy, and smurfs! (Link also wears a Phrygian cap.) It's an interesting hat for all of the symbolism tied up with it, pretty silly looking, and so quite mockable by companions. The political turbulence that it's tied to is something The Doctor would be fairly happy to muck about in, I should think. So, The Doctor wanders about in his cap, stirring up revolution, and then when someone questions the hat the guy next to him is all, "Are you mocking this hat?" and then they bond over their excellent taste in hats together and possibly get smashed and sing glorious songs of the revolution.

The Akubra is an Australian bush hat. What is there not to love about Australian bush hats, I ask you? They are fabulous. So of course the Doctor would want one, and he could go to Australia! That would be exciting! I don't know that there has been any kind of Australian canon since Tegan, or, indeed, that he has ever been to Australia, so I think that one is rather spoiled for choice in terms of scenarios - all that unexplored history. He could meet Ned Kelly, some particularly vicious alien wildlife that's made its home there - perhaps Australia is a kind of beacon for vicious alien wildlife - or maybe the Australian Torchwood.

He would, of course, wear a cordrobé. It is the hat of Zorro. Do you know what is cool? A cordrobé. And Zorro. I imagine he would swan about the place making swish swish swish noises to amuse himself, because he is a great child. He would probably come across some greed-filled villain to defeat and then set about doing so with a few of Zorro's stratagems thrown into the making of his solution. Perhaps he would find something improbable to swing from, a trusted steed for that one episode, or maybe he would sign something, leave a mark. Maybe it would even be a "z". "Z" is a pretty cool letter.

The Ascot cap: hat of grandfathers, feeders of ducks, and turn of the century adventurers! Goes well with a scarf and/or goggles. Available in tweed. Because that is what the doctor needs. More tweed. It would tie in rather brilliantly with the kind of professorial look that he has going on. I think that this would be the sort of thing that he would just happen to have in his closet, decide to wear one day on a walk outside the TARDIS, and then, terrible, terrible things would happen to it. (As usual.)

I could go on for a while, and I expect it would eventually degenerate into... crazed excited raving about hats. It seems likely at this point. Anyway. I offer you this rather bare sketchy thing (you have seen nothing) in closing:

"He's wearing a deerstalker," says Amy.

"Deerstalkers are cool."

Rory, walking by the control panel, shakes his head and goes right on up the stairs.

"Are you like Sherlock Holmes now, Doctor? Are you going to detect, now?"

"I always detect, and I am cleverer, cleverer than Sherlock Holmes."

"You're more clever than a fictional character?"

"Yes. Hand me the blue thing with the glowing bits on it."
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Untouched episode reaction notes and then scattered after-thoughts:

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Doctor Who

May. 10th, 2011 09:17 pm
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So. I caught up on Doctor Who tonight. (Three Episodes!) Woo.

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Theoretically, and unrelatedly, if I were to be working on a Tonks/Luna university/superpowers AU, would anyone be interested in helping out with that?
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Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, has died.
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Delayed reaction post is delayed and spoilery. )


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