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[personal profile] sinesofinsanity prompted me to write on this, and since she's a genfic person I went looking for stuff to rec her.

I didn't find a lot of female friendship fanworks when I went looking through my bookmarks. Part of this has to do with how female friendships are represented in the media. Too often there is no female character at all. Sometimes there is one female character. Female friendship doesn't get depicted where women do not exist. We live in a world where the Bechdel, or Bechdel-Wallace Test exists, where two women existing, talking to each other, about something other than a man, is actually remarkable.

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One Girl Revolution by [ profile] arefadedaway
This is a vid that was made for [ profile] halfamoon, as a celebration of female characters in fandom. I love it. I love that it uses the art for that challenge year, which featured female characters sorted by Hogwarts house, and then the rest of the vid shows women being awesome in all kinds of different ways - women reading, women fighting, women doing science, women working together, women dancing, etc. I love the opening footage of this vid, and I love all of the footage of women striding and moving.
(Song: One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix) by Superchick)

Space Girl by [personal profile] charmax
It's a history of women in science fiction and it is brilliantly executed. It starts off with black and white footage and then makes this seamless transition to colour that is brilliant to watch. It showcases all of these different roles that women have had in sci-fi and how they've changed over the years. The music that its set to is integral to the vid and there are some fantastic sequences in this.
(Song: Space Girl by The Imagined Village)

Hook Shot by [personal profile] kuwdora
This is a vid that has amazing movement. The song that it's set to is an instrumental piece and the vid is a solid three and a half minutes of women physically kicking ass, moving, driving, piloting, shooting things, and blowing things up. It looks choreographed. It is visually stunning.
(Song: Hook Shot by Wolfgang Gartner)

[ profile] arefadedaway wrote meta about her vid. "This is our heroines at their most magnificent: asserting their independence, celebrating their agency and strength, triumphing over all the odds, whether they be personal, global, or the whim of the writers who let them down; rejoicing in their victories, and ultimately taking charge of their destinies with both hands and never letting go."

"[T]he whim of the writers who let them down" is something that I've been thinking about lately, watching Doctor Who, and having thoughts like, I really like Amy, but I really hate what the writers are doing. I've been thinking about female characters and their treatment by their source material and vids.

[personal profile] thingswithwings has written an interesting piece of meta on this subject - ladies (en masse) are awesome - that I recommend reading. There's a nice list of vids and some good recs and conversation in the comments. There's some really excellent discussion about this genre of vids and what they do and why they exist with specific examples.

One of the things that vids, especially multifandom vids can do is recontextualise clips. What this translates into, especially with multifandom female-centric vids, is that these women get away from their writers, they get to participate in a different narrative. The way that vids function as transformative works is something that's really interesting to me, in part because while vidding is very identifiable as remix culture, the nature of the medium can make a vid's message less parsable than that of other fanworks. I think that vids tend to require a more actively engaged audience. Narrative vids, for example, require interpretation in a way that fic doesn't.

Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what a vid is trying to say, to catch all of the lyrics, to sort out everything that is happening in a clip, to interpret a clip choice. Space Girl was posted about a month after Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, had died, and ends with a clip of Sarah Jane Smith walking off. That clip niggled at me. Space Girl is a history of women in science fiction, and there are clips of Sarah Jane from both old and new Who in it. Sarah Jane Smith walks off with K-9 at the end, and then, after, she got her own show. Bringing that bit of context to that clip makes it really awesome. Sarah Jane Smith of Doctor Who goes on to become the title character of her own show.

I had that same issue with Hook Shot, where I was watching the end clip and getting stuck. Then I watched Sucker Punch. I hated Sucker Punch; it was skeevy and it made me angry. There is a clip from Sucker Punch in Hook Shot, which, when I was watching it looking for a cleanser, meant that it didn't work as a cleanser. So I thought some more, and remembered other films that had skeeved me out. Personal Best. I watched an interview with Robert Towne, who wrote and directed it, right before I saw it, and he talked about how much he liked women's bodies, liked athleticism in women, liked watching women's bodies' move, and then I watched Personal Best, and there are sections of that that are exactly like Baywatch, only not shot on a beach and with less of an emphasis on breasts. I felt like I was watching porn that Robert Towne had written and directed for himself. ...and then I thought about Kick-Ass, and the context of that clip where Hit Girl shoots out the camera. Do you know what she says, right after she's taken out the men holding her father, right after she puts the fire out, right before she shoots out the camera? "Show's over, motherfuckers." Three and a half minutes of gorgeous movement in that vid, and then Hit Girl shoots the camera out.

[personal profile] kuwdora hasn't posted meta on her vid yet, and I feel like the piece is very open to interpretation. I feel, with Hook Shot, that I am getting what I need out of it. After 110 minutes of Sucker Punch that wasn't a girl shooting out the camera, but a really angry girl shooting out the camera.

Sometimes what I need to see is women being awesome in all kinds of different ways, moving forwards and having agency. Sometimes it's the history of sci-fi, and the knowledge that the role of women in sci-fi is changing.

So. The last movie I saw was Sucker Punch. The last TV episode was The God Complex. Does someone want to rec me something good?

New Year

Jan. 1st, 2011 04:55 pm
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Today has been interesting so far, good and bad. I visited a building I love, saw a friend off, had a really good conversation, read some bad news and made tea. I'm in kind of a tea-drinking sort of place now.

I've got a draft post about yuletide scrawled down from when I was without internet and will probably poke and prod at that a bit before I set it free (soon). I think I will be writing an actual reveal this year and about the process, just because it was so different than last year's. This whole season has been really different than last year's. So, post(s) about yuletide and recs to come [though probably not yuletide recs (I have read so little fic from the collection this year - see previous statement.)] - I really want to post a good recs entry soon - it feels like it has been too long since I've done that.

The Club Can't Even Handle Me by Catemonster is a really fun multifandom dance vid. May it make today brighter for you.
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I do not, actually, have any explosives on hand.

Have you ever crushed a pop can, a soda can, with your bare hands? Crunched all of that aluminum down and then stretched it out again, crushed it back down and then made it up again, then done it again, over and over, until it doesn't just have punctures from over-used folding points, but the whole thing has torn apart, and you don't have one piece to crush anymore?

Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen, in lego
Star Wars
I will slowly hack you to death, or maybe kill you with my mind.
Eddie Izzard is an awesome comedian, and a lot of fun. He has style. The "Death Star Canteen" is what one of his bits get's referred to, this is it's audio acted out with lego. It is strangely satisfying.

Improving Our Road Signs
Star Wars
Oh, there will be violence in the streets.
This is a collection of amusing altered photos. It takes a misreading, and then follows the concept through. Imagine the chaos. (No, really, imagine it.)

One Girl Revolution by [ profile] arefadedaway
I am going to fuck your shit up.
This vid is one of those featured at Political Remix Video. It has a strong message which largely goes as follows: women are powerful.
(Song: One Girl Revolution by Superchick)

situation normal all fucked up by [ profile] sardonicsmiley
Stargate Atlantis
You really shouldn't have fucked with me and mine.
Rating: PG-13
There are a couple things that gate-verse shoves at you as part of it's American military thing. The best and brightest look after their own and leave no man behind. There's a darker edge to that in here. Aliens take Atlantis' golden child. They really, really shouldn't have done that, and they shouldn't have made threats.

Unnatural Selection by [ profile] charmax
Battlestar Galactica/Terminator films/Sarah Connor Chronicles
Can we get some bloodshed, please? Can we have the end of humanity? Thanks.
Fire, ruins and lots of shit blowing up to a grungy, driving tune. The human-robo conflict, and yes, it's epic and destructive.
(Song: Mashup by DJ Lobsterdust)
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It's a documentry film by Jill Sharpe. I've not seen it, but there's a really interesting review by Maurie Alioff, which also tackles Popcorn and Maple Syrup - it's a fun look at Canadian Cinema in general.

Weird Sex and Snowshoes features clips from a lot of different films, as Alioff points out: they're selective, but there are some fun little gems on that list, including New Waterford Girl, which I am sort of not-so-secretly in love with. (...and which the library has - yay!)

Lost and Delirious is also on that list, I think it falls into "strange little things I have seen late night on CBC". I saw it a number of years ago, so I don't really remember it that well. [ profile] charmax has a vid Cry Me A River which covers much of it, and also makes me sad.

The Girls of St. Mary's by [ profile] toft_froggy
Rating: NC-17
It's the 1950s girls' boarding school AU. There's a happy ending. There is also amazing cover art by [ profile] tardis80

[ profile] charmax has a wonderful multi-fandom femslash vid, I'm Your Man, that's a lot of fun, in part because of the song and also that here "multi-fandom" translates into about fifty different fandoms. Femslash is something that I feel to be a minority in fandom, so it's nice to find little awesome pieces of it.

Awesome little pieces of things are awesome. Trufax. I've been voting on the "Look how awesome I am!" mixed tape that Canada's making for Obama (we are totally getting a prom date out of this - or something...) and have found myself throwing my clearly substantial support behind what might seem a most unlikely candidate, or "Aha! I bet you didn't see that coming!" I'm possessed of an odd sort of curiousity wrt this list, and also a fair amount of wry amusement.


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