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Anything Goes "What Makes You Beautiful"
It's a Broadway cast and crew dancing and being generally happy and bouncy and well choreographed to a One Direction song. There's also musical costumes, which are shiny. It is full of wonderful things.

McGill Dances for Cancer Research Lipdub
Dancing scientists FTW. It makes me happy. It's well done and they are just so clearly scientists, which is really joyful. It watches like a cross between departmental promotional photos and a university lipdub, which is essentially what it is. It's pretty great.

Cosplay Fever lip dub: Raise Your Glass
Happy dancing triumphant cosplayers! I kind of love cosplayers. I think maybe most people love cosplayers? They are pretty loveable. This is pretty brilliant and an excellent song match.
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Smart Bitches linked to a music video yesterday, and that post is really fun for a couple of reasons, or, okay, one reason: Sarah seems to be really enchanted by it. There's the part where romance novels are a kind of recurring theme in the video (it's cute and ridiculous and awesome) that she geeks about and then there's the part where Sarah looks up MuchFACT on wikipedia and is apparently quite taken by the concept. Outsider perspectives: they're interesting.

You should totally check out the video. It's something like what would happen if Taylor Swift collaborated with the YellowJackets.

I'm maybe slightly worried if you aren't a little intrigued by that - embedded video under the cut )
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Moving Right Along (from The Muppet Movie)
because singing muppets are wonderful

What Kind of Dinosaur Would You Be?
because this is serious business

The Machine That Made Us - Stephen Fry presents a documentary on the Gutenberg Press
because Stephen Fry presenting is good

(Unrelatedly, would anyone be willing to beta a Lost in Austen story for me in a couple of days?)
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Hetalia is something that I know pretty much entirely from fannish osmosis. (You've been warned.) It started as a webcomic and has since gone on to become just about all the things. There's a manga and an anime and a video game and a few other things. Hetalia's good if you like historical politics - a good chunk of it is about WWII (apparently), and its characters are anthropomorphic representations of countries. Canada is a supporting character. If you poke around that link there's a lot of info and how fannish people are about it starts to become evident. The fandom's pretty huge, from what I can tell, not being in it.

Also doing the anthropomorphic representation thing is Scandinavia and the World, which I read and can actually talk about. There are 230 comics right now, so doing an archive binge isn't too terrible. It's very much a western-centric thing, but it's a different western perspective than I'm used to seeing and politics that I don't really know, so I find that interesting. The strips tend to be fun and happy.

At some point in the past year [personal profile] sinesofinsanity gave me a copy of Nice, Nice, Very Nice by Dan Mangan and it has since eaten my soul, essentially. I've been listening to it a lot in the past six months. (myspace, Youtube)

Also, [personal profile] readbystarlight? I am in the process of making a Bandom recruitment series. It is coming for you. I realise that this is all very creepy, but seriously, you've read 2/3 of the crossover fics I'm reccing for that already. Do you have any requests? (Tropes that you'd like? A desire to read all the space stories right now or anything?)

Books. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooks. There are very pretty pictures and interesting bookshelves and libraries.

ETA: Also: muppets.


Mar. 15th, 2011 02:44 am
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So, [personal profile] sinesofinsanity showed me the trailer for Sucker Punch Saturday morning. We said things like "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "her face" and "video games" and "explosions" at each other and then [personal profile] sinesofinsanity looked it up on imdb and wiki and we gleefully repeated phrases like "female ensemble cast", "Alice in Wonderland", "1950s" and "baby dragon". So, essentially: young women, action-fantasy, explosions. I'm looking forward to it.

Kind of in response to some things that are being watched and the ridiculously good mood that [personal profile] sinesofinsanity sent me off in Saturday: vid recs.

Suddenly I See by [personal profile] kuwdora
One of the things that's great about Castle is that its lead is surrounded by awesome women. This is a vid about three women in Castle's life and his relationship with each of them. It is an exceptionally happy thing and wonderful. I really like the way city shots are used in the song's intro and the way the song is divvied up. There are very distinct sections that flow really well. I like the way each woman gets approximately equal billing time and the content itself is joyous and fun.
(Song: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall)

OMG! by [ profile] obsessive24
Doctor Who/Torchwood
This is a hilarious and wonderful tribute to new Who companions. It's another one of those vids that uses its song really well. [ profile] obsessive24 uses a bootlegged version of the song that has all of these DJ voice-overs meant to prevent bootlegging, so there's a bit of potential inherent in the song for things to have gone rather pear-shaped in the vidding process. This is not so, instead the vid is made exponentially more awesome by the inclusion of all of these extraneous bits. The majority of the vid is a lovely tribute to the female companions and then there are these glorious bits with Jack that enhance it; it's a really fun piece.
(Song: Oh My God performed by Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen)

Five Years' Time by [personal profile] such_heights
Doctor Who
So this is the part where I admit that I ship Amy/Rory something furious because they are both awesome and they are adorable together. This is a ship vid and it is amazing. It is gloriously happy-making and captures the pairing incredibly well. There's best friends, squabbling, laughing, fumbling, epicness, and love throughout along with this great scrapbook of time feel born out of the use of stills opening and closing. It's incredibly joyful.
(Song: Five Years' Time by Noah and the Whale)

Link Drop

Mar. 8th, 2011 06:12 am
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Okay, so there's a program called National Theatre Live where they essentially try to make theatre accessible by putting it into cinemas. They are doing this with Frankenstein. Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller are playing Victor and the Creature, and then, they are switching off. They're showing the two performances a week apart in Britain with the first one on the 17th. Recap: Frankenstein, Cumberbatch, Johnny, exchanging roles. (So. I have Saint Patrick's Day plans now.)

6 Terrifying Ways Crows Are Way Smarter Than You Think
Important Educational Piece. (Like squirrels, these creatures need to be watched.)

This is Why I'll Never be an Adult
[personal profile] sinesofinsanity: this is where "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!" comes from.

The Book Surgeon
Books! Defiled! Prettily. Brian Dettmar sculpts books, essentially. It's pretty fascinating.

Picspam: Costumes in Inception by [ profile] bennet_7
If you're interested in costumes or fashion or Inception or movies you should read this. It is fantastically detailed. There are fabric close-ups in this and some really awesome discussion about the meaning of clothes.

French Canadians in Domestic Bliss: The Primer by [ profile] quettaser
There are two Philadelphia Flyers (hockey) players who are charmingly cohabiting with three kids and a dog. It's adorable.

ETA: Oh, also: Equals (Daniel Craig cross dresses for great justice - Judi Dench narrates)


Jan. 21st, 2011 12:22 am
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I Get On (The TTC) is a video by Syrus featuring Randal. It's about the Toronto Transit Commission and using its services. It amuses [personal profile] sobluethesky something ridiculous. It's a pretty geeky rap.

Minor Delays is this really fun writing project. There's a short story written about every London Underground and DLR station in alphabetical order by station name up 'till Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich right now.

Proud of the BBC is this really ridiculously awesome song by Mitch Benn about, yes, being proud of the BBC. I kind of love this video to pieces. It's joyous and I love public television and radio. There are signs and dancing and fencers.

I love public things. ♥ Also, TVOntario commissioned a song/video for its 40th anniversary (You're My Home (TVO 40th song) by Brian McMillan) that's kind of this adorable nostalgia-ridden thing.

Link Drop

Nov. 4th, 2010 06:39 pm
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There's a particularly wonderful piece of plagiarism asshattery that's gone down. An editor put plagiarised web content in a for-profit publication, was called on their error and then made an ass of themselves. The Smart Bitches article is pretty good for details and links about this. They've also a google-bombing campaign for Judith Griggs.

Under "things that have come up in conversation recently":
Geocities to be released as a torrent; Just under a terabyte of web history (There's more information here.)
In which we betray our gender is a response comic to the internet's reaction to a tweet by Kate Beaton (context)

Under "things that are happy":
A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks
The Alternate History Theme Park Where Dinosaurs Fought in the Civil War
Mary Shelley T-shirt (The design makes me really happy. There's Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, too.)
Sock Dreams is a merch site, and there are many pictures of socks.
Simon's Cat is a series of awesome little animated shorts - 'Let Me In!' is a fun one.
The Curse of Cheddar Bay is an awesome prank video.
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Under the Sheets by [ profile] almostgaby
I have been watching this vid off and on since I found it. It is an Arthur/Eames relationship piece that uses a bunch of different footage from stuff that Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been in; that is about all I can tell you about it because of how thoroughly distracted by all the shiny I am. Let me tell you about the shiny. Both of these men are exceptionally pretty; it is ridiculously distracting. Also: JGL’s title credit is to a shot of his ass; it is awesome. There is a gun cockily tucked into a waistband, and Eames in aviators, and architectural sketches, hot messes, skin, and explosions but mostly their pretty, pretty faces. You should go and gawk at it.
(Song: Under The Sheets by Ellie Goulding)

...and as long as I’m being kind of distracted by things that are not, strictly speaking, Inception:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing Bad Romance is awesome – the amount of fun he has with it is endearing.

Twilight (or how a strutting Leo would have made this movie more watchable-believable-tolerable-and-just-plain-gooder) Picspam by [ profile] mediocrechic - the extent to which the film is improved by his presence is kind of ridiculous.

Smell Like A Monster is Sesame Street taking on Old Spice. Grover is awesome; this is not Inception related and I do not care.

My Little Inception Ponies by [ profile] aredblush is what it says on the tin, and has left me with an unfulfilled desire to read My Little Pony Inception fic, especially Robert/Saito fic, but I am really not picky.

Eames’ Totem is a comic, the last panel of which is fantastic.

...there is too much fic to sort through right now. I will get to it later; now is for baking, so much baking, and also coffee.
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There is an Old Spice Commercial called The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. It's fairly ridiculous advertising. [This, however, via [personal profile] sobluethesky, I am inclined to judge more awesome. (Libraries.)] There is a kink meme*. (We will be getting back to this.)

FEMINIST HULK is a fantastic twitter. ("Bio HULK SAYS FUCK PATRIARCHY. HULK HERE TO SMASH GENDER BINARY.") There is a most excellent interview with FEMINIST HULK and Judith Butler here. (Also: there is a dreamwidth feed of the twitter.)

There is fic. Amazing fic with Old Spice Man, FEMINIST HULK, and Judith Butler.** You are informed.

*A kink meme is an anonymous commentfic festival where people make requests and leave prompts that are then (hopefully) filled. Neither the requests nor the fills are necessarily explicit in content, though they may well be.

**G rated fic.

ETA: I should really tell you about other things, too. Jane Austen's Fight Club is pretty fantastic, as is Brontë Sisters Power Dolls.


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