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Stargate: Atlantis debuted 10 years ago today, which is weird thinking about. That date roughly matches up with when I joined fandom as a lurker, though I didn't really get into SGA fandom for a couple of years, when I met [personal profile] readbystarlight and she gave me recs and so introduced me to fandom on LJ.

I'm not in SGA fandom anymore, not really, but there's a lot of feelings bound up in those three letters for me. SGA was and is really important to me. I still think about it sometimes.

I think about face of joe a fair bit these days, since I've joined tumblr, because there are a lot of things that tumblr is not particularly good at and things that I consider deficiencies in that platform, but face of joe would have done so well there; it fits tumblr formatting perfectly. face of joe was a delight, and I miss it a little, sometimes; I miss seeing Joe Flannigan's ridiculous face come up when I'm scrolling down, reading the accompaniment, and snorfling to myself.

The Difference Engine by [personal profile] copperbadge was and is such a good story for me; I almost feel like I love it disproportionately, not because it's not a great story, but because there are just so many great SGA stories. I think part of the reason that it's stuck is that I don't, at least in comparison to people who do, read a lot of science fiction stories; often, when I think about robots, I think about this story. I think about that bullet that John's body takes in and about trying to figure out how to be a person, what being a person means. I also think about [personal profile] copperbadge's formatting and style choices, how that story is written, because there are a number of elements that aren't typical of fanfiction in there. Most of the fic that I read doesn't have chapters and it doesn't have preface quotes and it's basically a much more straight-forward writing style, so this feels much more delicately woven, for all that it is obviously part of the same tradition. I think about this fic, sometimes, when I think about writing fic.

Fear of the Dark by [ profile] rheanna27 and [ profile] astridv must have been one of the first comics I read in fandom and I'm fond of it, still. That image of Jennifer sitting with her father on a bench has really stuck with me, and I think about that, and about ladies being there for ladies, and about Jennifer bringing Teyla home. Jennifer bringing Teyla home is just an action that carries a lot of emotional weight - because there's Teyla being there for Jennifer, and mornings in her father's kitchen, and Jennifer sharing that with her; there's love and trust and intimacy there. This comic got to a place in my heart and then stayed there, basically.

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by [personal profile] synecdochic. I have read this fic once, years ago, and the title alone packs more punch for me than many a scene meant to be gut-wrenching. Like, okay, it doesn't even have to be the full title, you can ask me if I remember Freedom and I'll be stricken and on the verge of tears. I don't quite remember Freedom, actually. It has been years since I have read it and there are a lot of details that aren't really sharp for me. I remember loss, and I remember Rodney living with that and building/creating/becoming something in the aftermath of that, because it doesn't stop. ...and now I am on the verge of tears and blowing my nose. That is a thing that is actually happening as I write this. I first heard the song that this fic takes it's title from this year, a few months ago; it came on the radio and I stopped and went, oh, and had to sort of shake my head out and go back to what I was doing. I will, probably, reread this story this summer, because I have forgotten a lot of this story that I love and remember as being well-crafted in addition to being incredibly powerful emotionally, and it has been ten years since SGA and fandom started for me, and probably around eight years since I read this, and then after I've read it I will probably view the next item on this largely disordered list a few times and then go for a walk, probably, to try to get over it, because there is a reason that I haven't yet read this fic again.

This is How it Works by [personal profile] lim is the vid for that fic by [personal profile] synecdochic, which- basically all I need to do is think of to be destroyed. This I have watched over and over, in part because it's just really different from other vids. Much of it is very stark white and it uses a series of changing numbers to follow the beat of the song. There's a lot of text that flies together and then apart and that's in the style of something roughly and laboriously hand-printed rather than a font - the other text that gets used is in a cursive style; these words help to tie the vid to the fic and reduce some viewers to tears, probably. The whole thing is beautifully put together and showcases a lot of technical skill while also appearing simple, I think, because of that deliberate starkness and roughness in places. It's gorgeous and devastating.

Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by [profile] rageprufock I never actually think of this story as Bell Curve - it's always Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room to me, because that's hilarious, and, when I think about this story it tends to be in terms of know what I want... I want, like, a really, really indulgent stripper or sex worker fic where someone's really flaily and there's a lot of snark and they fall in love somewhat hilariously. (I want that in all the fandoms, basically.) That's what this fic is, and it is just so, so good for me. This fic is a delight and the type of fic I love to read.

A Farm in Iowa by [ profile] aesc and [ profile] sheafrotherdon There are 44 works in this series and over 160,000 words, including some that got published today, which I've not yet read. This SGA AU 'verse is sort of the SGA AU 'verse for me; in my head John and Rodney are still out there in Iowa, sitting at the kitchen table after their kids have gone to bed, wondering to each other how this became their lives and at how very weird their kids are, before one of them cracks a joke and they go to bed themselves, probably. A Farm in Iowa is a verse that's drenched in love and family and domesticity; it's got a special place in my heart because of that. In my head John and Rodney are still living out all sorts of AU verses that people have written that I have read, but this one is sun-drenched; I love it. I have a postcard, actually, of a farm in Iowa, and it's really not that great a postcard, but whenever I see it I smile, and I think about this 'verse.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love [The Pix or it Didn't Happen Remix] by [ profile] bitter_crimson I saw this come up on the fic tag on pinboard a few months ago and burst into laughter; the bookmarker was pretty traumatised and I remember reading this years ago and being traumatised. I had a conversation afterwards with [personal profile] readbystarlight that I remember going something like this:

o.O Did you read that story with-
the cookies?!!! YES.
Oh my god. With the- graphic sex scene.
And the marshmallow, and the... *trails off, looking traumatised*
*anguished* Yes.
(They stare at each other in shared horror.)

It's a pretty glourious fanwork. It's funny, and I have a lot of affection for it and that bookmarker and my younger self, a little. I love that it's a multimedia work; the visuals are great. This is SGA crack!fic at its finest.

SGA icons: Teyla, cute chibi pairing icons by [ profile] pentapus I discovered [ profile] pentapus' art through SGA and fell in love with it, especially her chibi icons, which I still see around now and again. Her art's expressive and fun and sometimes funny and I like her coloured and black and white stuff equally well. One of the things that I love about her SGA stuff was that she didn't really focus on one particular character or pairing - there was just such variety in her subjects. Of the set I've linked 6, I think, is my favorite, because of the expressions on their faces, mostly; they're incredibly happy-making.

United States of Hysteria by [ profile] trinityofone. So, occasionally, I think about this story, and I make this frustrated sound and suck in my breath through my teeth or sigh, because it's a WIP and part 1 was written in 2008 and, look, it just seems really unlikely that this is a thing that is going to get finished. There's an oppressive government in the U.S.A. and John and Rodney are strangers who get married so that John can be safe in Canada, and you know how that genre of fic goes, how there's tentativeness and then the couple finds common ground and they figure out that they want to be together for more than just convenience's sake and they figure out their relationship? That doesn't happen; it's a WIP. They meet and they're awkward and tentative and then there's just... no more fic. I've accidentally read what feels like a lot of WIPs and a fair number that haven't been finished, and I think the reason that I think about this one more than those other WIPs is that the part that's there was so good, so my despair is that much greater. I really hate WIPs. This one is lovely - it's just, you know, a WIP.

I love you fandom, and SGA - I love you still.
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So I'm doing what I inaccurately refer to as "Femslash February" again this year. It's a month where all of the fannish content I consume and produce is female-centric, either gen or femslash. I'm pretty excited for it this year, especially since it looks like this month is going to be a lot less hectic and various other things that turned my journal into a wasteland than it was last year; this year there's content!

So, Stargate: Atlantis art recs for Teyla:

Protector by [ profile] ileliberte
I love how fierce Teyla looks in this, pregnant and holding a stick. This picture's a sharp contrast to how I'm used to seeing pregnant women depicted in art. I really like the perspective in this and how the background contributes to that. I love the background itself- trees and mist and sun.

Teyla by [personal profile] lim
It's this fantastic woodcut poster. A lot of my love for this has to do with being a complete sucker for Art Nouveau - that style of font will probably make me happy forever. The lines and the use of space here, Teyla's sticks and her hair, the creation of stairs - I love this. I love that the Teyla in this is in full warrior mode.

Teyla, Vampire Queen by [ profile] pentapus
I love the colours in this. I love how Teyla's cape wanders off and becomes so much a suggestion of things that go bump in the night. I love the angles of Teyla's face and her eyes. There's a kind of understated deadliness to it - it's a prefect hallowe'en fill; I'm going to have to remember to use the wallpaper next October. It's gorgeous.

Teyla and the rocket ship by [ profile] pentapus
[ profile] pentapus tends to create ridiculously cute art, and this - the sky is pink - is in no way an exception to that in the way that the piece above is. It is epic, though, and made of adventure. I love the simplicity of this and how much Teyla's posture conveys. I love her wind-swept hair and the mood of this; it's happy.
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This, essentially, is what I have bookmarked in the last 24 hours. I am usually slow to rec, something which has been commented on obliquely in the past. So, now, I forge new territory in my adventurer's scarf.

the electric things have their life, too by [ profile] steammmpunk
Stargate: Atlantis
I find people with electrical and/or mechanical components fascinating. This is a cyberpunk AU art, and it is gorgeous and I am filled with great love for the title.

Hello Kitty Vader
I have a love of costuming and strange things. Accordingly, this amuses me greatly. I am, however, slightly disturbed by the tattoos.

And No One Exists Alone by Philipa Moss
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Rating: PG
My fondness for this and essentially fic written in this fandom tends to get all tangled up in my fondness of and frustration with canon. It's a story about how Matthew and Gareth met, and it's lovely.

A Narrow Bridge by [ profile] kassrachel
Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: R
This is the Yeshiva* AU, as such, it's essentially set in a universe I know next to nothing about. [The location is not incidental to the story, so I spent a fair bit of my time reading this being kind of fascinated at the religious parts of the story, (religion is a thing of great mystery to me) and that culture. I got something that I hadn't before.] It works really well.

*Jewish school

Need by [ profile] newkidfan
Oh, this is pretty and jazzy and sexy. There's this gorgeous stuttery-ness to it in places, like someone can't stay fixed in one place, like they're a little overwelmed.
(Song: Dawna by Morphine)

Fostered by [ profile] rageprufrock
Rating: PG
It's a very cute and happy and wonderful little story. There is a dragon in it, which endears it to me to no end. It's all so wonderfully sweet and there are these utterly charming little bits of humour threaded throughout.
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It's a documentry film by Jill Sharpe. I've not seen it, but there's a really interesting review by Maurie Alioff, which also tackles Popcorn and Maple Syrup - it's a fun look at Canadian Cinema in general.

Weird Sex and Snowshoes features clips from a lot of different films, as Alioff points out: they're selective, but there are some fun little gems on that list, including New Waterford Girl, which I am sort of not-so-secretly in love with. (...and which the library has - yay!)

Lost and Delirious is also on that list, I think it falls into "strange little things I have seen late night on CBC". I saw it a number of years ago, so I don't really remember it that well. [ profile] charmax has a vid Cry Me A River which covers much of it, and also makes me sad.

The Girls of St. Mary's by [ profile] toft_froggy
Rating: NC-17
It's the 1950s girls' boarding school AU. There's a happy ending. There is also amazing cover art by [ profile] tardis80

[ profile] charmax has a wonderful multi-fandom femslash vid, I'm Your Man, that's a lot of fun, in part because of the song and also that here "multi-fandom" translates into about fifty different fandoms. Femslash is something that I feel to be a minority in fandom, so it's nice to find little awesome pieces of it.

Awesome little pieces of things are awesome. Trufax. I've been voting on the "Look how awesome I am!" mixed tape that Canada's making for Obama (we are totally getting a prom date out of this - or something...) and have found myself throwing my clearly substantial support behind what might seem a most unlikely candidate, or "Aha! I bet you didn't see that coming!" I'm possessed of an odd sort of curiousity wrt this list, and also a fair amount of wry amusement.
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Self-Indulgent West Wing SGA AU by [personal profile] cobweb_diamond
Rating: PG-13
Rodney as a reporter and Sheppard as Press Secretary. There's some excellent dialogue and the friendship that springs up between the two is quite wonderful. (I'm kind of madly in love with this fic.)

late night 101 by [ profile] sardonicsmiley
Rating: R
Rodney McKay eviscerates celebrities on his late night television show. It's kind of a cross between Nevermind the Buzzcocks (which, would be kind of awesome: McKay as host and Sheppard all slouchy as a captain. The show features Amstell - the current host - mocking his guests and captains, also: it is a pop quiz.) and The Jon Stewart Show. There's snark, banter, and a strangely vulnerable John. It's a nice little AU.

Idol by [ profile] trinityofone 
Actor John Sheppard takes his agent, Rodney McKay,  to the Oscar's.  It's essentially a series of wonderful bits all strung together; really good, funny fic.

and he lives at Sheppard Manor
by [ profile] pentapus
Rating: G
Art: Sheppard as Bruce Wayne. It's all black and white and cuteness, and John is a sexy, almost rock star-like persona.

*is gone*

Jul. 11th, 2008 11:58 am
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I'm disappearing for a while.  This could be for a month, or six.  I don't know at this point.

I am temporarily abandoning my journal and all of fandom.  Mostly it's that I have decided that there are not enough books in my life.  

Fandom: I still love you, I just need space.  This is not a break up, I just, I just can't be with you right now, and, I know: rubbish lines, all of them, but all true, and I'll add one more: it's not you, it's me.  (Really.)

So, in the mean time: please feel free to comment spam me with things: like recs for fic, and macro, and vids, and odes to David Tennant's hair.  (or something)  ...because I still care, really, and I'll go and sift through it all on my return.   Don't worry about length, or spammage, or comment sick if you do this: I quite like letters and stuff, so is all non-issue.

leaving recs )
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The Universe is Awesome, yo by [ profile] _kiden
Rating: G
This is amazing .  Remember Hewlett rapping?  It's kind of like that, only crossed over with adorable kittens, that are high on catnip.  It has some wonderful, wonderful lines.

The Universe is Not Enough by [ profile] trinityofone
Rating: PG 
Rodney is an intergalactic spy.  Canadian stereotypes are rampant.  It's completely and utterly gorgeous, and I kind of have this strange desire to see Hewlett play Bond now.  (Also: [ profile] newkidfanhas made coverart. *dies*)

Over the hills and far away by [ profile] flambeau 
Rating: PG
The Atlantis expedition is highly discriminatory towards a certain peoples.  It's slightly odd and disturbing.

Breaking Up is Hard to do by [ profile] amireal
Rating: NC-17
So, aliens drug and kidnap them.  Rodney's high as a kite and there's math, and penguins, and stuff.  They're kind of.. really adorable (John and Rodney - not the penguins),

Absurdity Theory by Julad 
Rating: NC-17
OK, so there's quacking (and honking) and mysticism and conspiracy theories and pornish bits.  It's one of those things that you look at and think to yourself, "what were you on?"  

ETA:  You know that thing about Hewlett as Bond?  Can I just say that I was so, so right about that and it's amazing? [ profile] rodneysgirlhas made a vid  (Atlantis Royale) and it is made of win.


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