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This journal is pretty much a bulletin board for shiny things and other miscellany at this point. It tends to be very fannish in its content and I've fallen into the habit of doing a decent amount of reccing.

I'm multifannish. Right now I'm reading a lot of bandom, Teen Wolf, and Marvel along with a fair scattering of other things.

I'm interested in knowing about my grammar, spelling and typo mistakes. I'm interested in discussion. If I've written something that you find problematic I'm interested in hearing about that, via a comment or private message.

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Please do not archive my original work anywhere without my permission, but feel free to remix, translate, podfic, art, or whatever you like with my work-- just please credit me and drop me a link; I'd love to see whatever you make. (I like transformative works. Transformative works are cool.)
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