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*pfft* Was I ever in HP? I wrote about this for yesterday's post and I was super amused when I got [personal profile] readbystarlight's prompt comment thing that the whole thing in its entirety was basically her asking and answering her own questions in question format; I love you, starwire. So, yeah, just doing recs today. A playlist.

01. Landslide by [personal profile] milly
Harry Potter | 4:20 | Song: "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks
Description: Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

So, this might just make you cry. It's Hogwarts. It's this love letter to and from Hogwarts. All the wonder that Hogwarts is and all the things that it's seen, Hogwarts weathering the storm, Hogwarts taking on the storm. Hogwarts is home. This is a vid likely to hit you right in the feels.

02. Welcome Home by permetaformable
Stargate: Atlantis | 4:21 | Song: "The Blood of Cu Chulainn", by Mychael and Jeff Danna
Summary: Her, city

This is a vid about Elizabeth Weir and her city, Atlantis; Atlantis and Elizabeth Weir. It's a dance and a battle and a love that is everything, including her life. A vid for being in love with Atlantis and crying about Elizabeth Weir, or maybe being at peace with her fate. Both, maybe - everything.

03. People are People by [personal profile] lim
Stargate: Atlantis | 1:15 | Song: "We Are All Made of Stars" by Moby
Notes: For Cate's story None Can Quite Extinguish in the SGA Big Bang. Stargate: Atlantis, John/Rodney. 26/07/07

I love how much work [personal profile] lim does on the footage in this and how much footage there is from other sources and how much of a patchwork this thing is, letters given out like a ransom letter, different things all brought together to form a whole, a message. I've never read the big bang fic that this vid was inspired by but I love this vid. I love Ronon's voyage and the many identical planets and the grass and the stars of the end. It's about a difficult journey and finding home, I think.

04. The Loyal by [ profile] trelkez
Harry Potter | 3:04 | Song: "The Loyal" by Tiger Lou
“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches.”

This is a vid about loyalties in the war, friends and enemies, and the dead and the living. It's about the fall and rise and fall again of Voldemort and all of the people and relationships tied up in that. I am so impressed with this vid. It's gorgeous and compelling and has such a wide and comprehensive scope. It takes on so many elements of the war and combines them perfectly. Like, herein lies your tragic wolfstar vid, all of the tears you might have shed over Severus Snape and his, yeah, loyalty, the strength of the Weasley clan, the prophecy and Harry's place in the wizarding world, ribbons of darkness tearing everything apart, falls and deaths and betrayal, the voyage of the trio, the world on fire, the battle of Hogwarts, and the destruction of those ribbons of darkness that Voldemort put out into the world. This is a vid with amazing depth and flawless narrative cohesion.

05. Hoping Machine by [personal profile] fan_eunice
Harry Potter | 4:57 | Song: "Hoping Machine" by Jay Farrar
Summary: "To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever." JKR (Sorcerer's Stone)

It's everyone who dies for Harry and everyone who fought for him. It's Harry's journey, his battle, and everyone who loved him. There are some really great bits with Hagrid in this. It's about the love that everyone gives Harry. It is about all of the tragedy in Harry's life, and the joy and the hope. It's love is stronger than death, it's the hope in the darkness, the darkness and the hope. It's rising from the ashes, from the fall.

06. High Voltage by [personal profile] kuwdora
Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe | 3:24 | Song: "High Voltage" by Linkin Park
Summary: High voltage: bringing you up and taking you down.

A vid about The Ancients - the things that they do and the ride that they take the stargate program on. The conceit of the song fits brilliantly with The Ancients and becomes pointed commentary in [personal profile] kuwdora's hands. It's a really powerful vid and however many years later I still haven't finished processing it, I think.

07. Masters of War (Pegasus Rising Remix) by [ profile] bironic
Stargate: Atlantis | 4:02 | Song: "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan (edited)
Summary: The Atlanteans came, they explored, they destroyed lives and families and whole civilizations. The people of Pegasus have had enough.

This vid does what it says on the tin and there are some really damning clips in this and clever audio-visual match-ups. The ending is great, because it essentially encapsulates the childlike qualitity of the rebuttal to the argument laid out in the vid; it drives home the fallacy of the romantacised/glorified explorer narrative and really makes me hate McKay's face and general self. This vid is basically Fuck you, Atlanteans. No love, the Pegasus Galaxy.

08. the boy was a puppet by [ profile] wistful_fever
Harry Potter | 4:31 | Song: "All That I Am" by Rob Thomas
Summary: One day Harry will be a real boy. Gen. Harry. Angst.

This is another vid that is a rather critical analysis of the narrative set out by the canon. It's about Harry Potter as a tool, used by Voldemort, Dumbledore, and the wizarding world at large. It's Harry Potter as the boy who lived and all that that entails, trapped. It is compelling viewing.

09. Snakes on a Plane by [ profile] dualbunny
Harry Potter | 3:15 | Song: "Snakes on a Plane" by Cobra Starship
Pairing: Harry/Awesomeness? (Oh who am I kidding...Harry/Voldemort.) Harry has *had* it with the motherfuckin' snakes on his motherfuckin' plane broom!

This vid is a party, literally made for a party; it premiered at Club Vivid in 2007. It's an inspired song choice and great execution. Some of the movement is this vid is basically delicious and there are beautiful, beautiful clip choices. Harry taking on all of the snakes in his life; it's pretty fabulous.

10. Here It Goes Again by [ profile] sisabet
Stargate: Atlantis | 3:10 | Song: "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go
Really, really dangerous

This vid is a delight. It has ridiculous faces, phallic imagery, and shit exploding. I love everything it chooses to be. Fun, bouncy, and shiny, I think I have just decided this is my favorite McShep vid. I keep air-guitaring as I rewatch it. It has all of these really amazing ship moments in it, fabulous flow, and some really great pieces of narrative. It's funny; there are so many visual jokes in this - it's great.

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Date: 2016-01-19 10:04 pm (UTC)
runpunkrun: city of atlantis and surrounding ocean (apartments for rent: oceanfront views)
From: [personal profile] runpunkrun
I'm really enjoying your vid recs! My last computer had gotten so old it hated watching vids, but I have a new computer now and I have all this catching up to do, and Harry Potter and SGA are two of my favorite fandoms.

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Date: 2016-01-20 01:10 am (UTC)
akamine_chan: Created by me; please don't take (Default)
From: [personal profile] akamine_chan
These are some great recs - I'd previously seen a few of these.

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Date: 2017-01-01 11:19 pm (UTC)
turlough: Gabe Saporta doing thumbs-up ((cs) gabe approves)
From: [personal profile] turlough
Snakes on a Plane is such an awesome vid!


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