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...It should be this one
(I can't believe I ran out of characters in a dreamwidth title. Anyway. Yeah, there was a period when I was making this where I was listening to that song a lot for another project. I'm not sorry.)
*A more accurate title would be something like "Wherein [personal profile] kiki_eng attempts to lure people into bandom by way of tropes." You know you're weak to this. Don't even front.

Songs About Vikings by [ profile] skoosiepants
Panic! at the Disco | Brendon/Spencer | Rating: PG-13 | 2,223 words
The fifth time Brendon jerks off to a guy, he calls up Shane and says, "Spencer Smith's beard made me gay."
Spencer Smith's beard gave me feelings? I'm not sure what else you need to know. I like to pretend that I am not constantly reccing [ profile] skoosiepants' work, but I probably already have written somewhere on my journal, about one of her fics: cute, fun, funny, I wanted to curl up in it and live there forever, a cat in a sunbeam, eternally happy. Would recommend. Am recommending.

Pluck All Your Silly Strings by [ profile] jocondite
Panic! at the Disco | Brendon/Spencer | Rating: PG-13 | 5,047 words
Summary: Brendon and Spencer get secretly married for Sinister Tax Purposes.
I am sorry, but that is the best reason to get married. I feel, in my heart of hearts, that at its heart, that is what marriage is for. So, it's like, please, tell me about how you are so married this seemed like a plan. [ profile] jocondite does. It's good.

Ask Yourself What Matters by [personal profile] formerlydf
Bandom | Gabe/William | Rating: NC-17 | 11,000 words
There's a voice inside his head telling him that this is Bill, this is Bill in pain, he should be there, he should try to make it better, he shouldn't leave Bill alone, and there's another voice reminding him of how much Bill likes his privacy, that he should respect the few intact boundaries they have left.
I love fic that's interested in consent and feelings. I also love fic that takes a trope that's a path to a pwp and goes somewhere else. So, yes, read all about that time Gabe didn't fuck William in a hotel room.

Pushing the Boundaries by [ profile] airgiodslv
Bandom | Gabe/William | 11,946 words | PG-13 | Ableist language: "lame"
“This isn’t exactly what I thought you had in mind when you said retreat, bro,” Gabe comments, fingers digging into muscle just enough to make William’s shoulders rise.
Friendly bondage turns into sexy bondage, gradually. This is pretty domestic; they're so comfortable with each other.

Tongue-tied And Overloaded by [ profile] skoosiepants
Bandom/Disney RPF | Gabe/William | Rating: PG-13 | 7,926 words
So, whatever, William’s young, and nervous – and Gabe kind of scares the shit out of him – but he’s not going to let that stop him from seducing Gabe. Again.
This fic is: fuzzy animals and waiting to get older and get noticed. (Also, yes, apparently I am not trying very hard to pretend that I do not always rec [ profile] skoosiepants. The Disney RPF crossover is an essential lure, okay? It's fucking magic.) There are shenanigans and teenage insecurity and it's all thoroughly adorable.

I Show Not Your Face by [ profile] formerlydf
The Academy Is.../Panic! at the Disco | Jon/William | Rating: PG-13 | 21,919 words | Ableist language: "lame"
It's not awkward — mostly, Jon thinks, because he doesn't spend too much time thinking about it, and he doesn't think William does, either. It's what happens, when you tour. Not with everybody you meet, obviously, but it's just a generally known fact that the more time you spend with somebody, the greater your chances of sleeping with them while under the influence of some sort of alcohol.
This may actually be my favourite HP Fusion ever. It's like bandom's magical realism thing on a series of tour buses that have been transformed into the Burrow and there's pining and werewolves. So: fucking lovely cobbled together magic with the soul of a poet and a note of tension strung through.

Run by [ profile] mrsronweasley
My Chemical Romance | Frank/Gerard | Rating: NC-17 | 60,000 words | Ableist language: "lame"
Summary: Being a secret teenage werewolf is hard. Frank should know. He is one. (written for werewolfbigbang)
The tone of this thing is great. There's something perfect about a teenaged werewolf and this does a really good job on following through on the whole teenaged part.

sl1 k2tog psso by [personal profile] carleton97
My Chemical Romance | Bob/Frank/Jamia | Rating: NC-17 | 9,100 words
"You really are a big softie, aren't you?"
"Shut up and finish crocheting your Cthulhu, Gerard."

Bob owns a knitting shop and Jamia and Lyn set up a sex shop next door. Everyone knits a lot and Jamia and Frank decide they want to keep Bob forever. I mentioned the poly knitting AU thing? (Bonus little old ladies and cooking classes.)

Different Pages of the Same Name by [ profile] finkpishnets
The Like | Z/Annie | Rating: PG | 2,171 words
Annie won’t admit it aloud but she’s sort of ridiculously glad for the start of senior year.
Adorable. Cute and lovely. Features friendship and people being awkward about having feelings and that thing where getting to know your crush is sweetly complicated instead of straightforward. Obliviousness is also a thing and it's just pretty damn sweet all round.

All the While You Hold the Key by [ profile] wordslinging
My Chemical Romance | Frank/Gerard | Rating: R | 10,573 words
Because what you really want to read about is Frank struggling to hide his sickly disposition and Gerard having architectural schemes and them both being gone for each other, and, like, insecure and noble and shit.

Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide by [ profile] softlyforgotten
Bandom | Greta/Victoria | Rating: PG-13 | 25,508 words
Summary: Victoria Asher goes to school, stars in a play, and falls in love.
Fuck yes, this fic. It's about Victoria being a bit of an asshole and caught up in her own shit, and there's a drama club. Oh, is there drama club; A+ use of drama club. The summary could also have been: wherein Victoria pines for her old friends and makes new ones in spite of herself. It's great.

Take Your Breath Away by [ profile] cest_what
The Like | Annie/Laena | Rating: PG-13 | 2,951 words
Summary: When Annie got her police badge she didn't think she'd spend her first supernatural incident running for her life. But you can't fight a breath-stealer.
I am not really clear on how this thing manages to be both gritty and adorable, but that is a thing this urban fantasy AU does. Laena is totally swoon-worthy in this and Annie's still new at this job; they fight crime.

Let Me Shake Up Your World by [ profile] paperclipbitch
Bandom | Greta/Victoria | Rating: PG-13 | 5,715 words
Pete says that her skills at lying are what make her so invaluable as an undercover officer. Victoria thinks that they probably make her a sociopath.
This is based on a Cobra Starship music video, so Greta and Victoria are working on shutting down a drug operation based out of a club. I love how this thing goes down between them from a trope standpoint. Victoria is great in this.

Highway Lines and Interstate Signs by [ profile] AirgiodSLV
Bandom | William/Travis | Rating: NC-17 | 18,791 words
“This is a tour,” Travis replies easily. “Stop packing, you’ve got five days still. Take a vacation. I’ll see you on Warped.”
I put this fic into my draft for this entry a long time ago and so my notes from, like, five years ago, probably, are: "William is made of pretty and feelings" which seems like a pretty promising thing for a tour fic about sex and pining. Also I am pretty sure I do not remember this fic that much because I ended up, like, sucker-punched with the ferocity of how much I shipped those two, so you know it was good.

Take That Fork in the Road and Wherever It Goes by [ profile] roebling and [ profile] roebling & [ profile] stele3, respectively
Panic! at the Disco | Brendon/Spencer | Rating: PG-13 | 17,164 and 20,545 words
Welcome to caring intensely about baseball. I read the sequel first and it is basically the story of a single game of baseball with a lot of memories thrown in, and, I got so invested, in Spencer's feelings and how much the game he was pitching meant, and, yeah. I'm not over it. The first one is a bit more a college AU than a baseball story, but I absolutely recommend both, and if you are emotionally invested in Ngozi's Check Please you will probably be pretty happy with this whole thing - read it even if you're not, maybe. There is angst and pining here, too, and being a closeted pro athlete, and it is a beautiful mix of things that you need in your life.

Taken My Place by [ profile] harborshore
My Chemical Romance | Mikey/Ray | Rating: PG-13 | 6,000 words
The house is old. Really, the house is practically ancient; it groans and complains when the fall storms come calling, and the shed in the garden is holding itself together through sheer will and the last rusty nails clinging to the walls.
This is charming and adorable and Ray and Mikey are roommates in a house that is old and cranky and everything sorts itself out. ♥ I fucking love magic domestic fic.

So that's it, apparently: 16 tropey fic recs painting nowhere near a complete picture of bandom, its characters, ships, or ficcers - like, seriously, one of my main pairings is not in this and I don't know how that happened and this list is so short. I started writing this for [personal profile] readbystarlight years ago and accidentally lured her into other fandoms as I was writing this, but: now is a good time to be in bandom, I feel. It is always a good time to be in bandom. You should join me. *nods*
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[personal profile] calvinahobbes prompted me with this after I'd put people talking to me about femslashy things on my wishlist for [community profile] snowflake_challenge. February is coming, which means that, as I have for the last six years, the only fanworks that I'll be consuming or creating are female-centric ones, and since I'm a shipper there's a lot of femslash in that - Femslash February.

I tend to read more slash than anything else during the rest of the year. I like reading a lot of variations of the same story told over, and over. There's more slash so there are more variations available to me there and the size of slash fandom makes it easier to find works. I have deep roots there and I realised back in 2010 that it was really easy for me to read slash, but that I wanted to read more stories about women. Cutting male-centric fanworks out of my life completely was the easiest way, for me, to make sure that I consume fanworks about women. So, I sort of live in my own self-created fannish lesbian utopia for a month. Since I've started doing that the amount of fanworks I read about women has gone up in the other months, too; it's been a success for me, and I've made some really cool discoveries because of it. It's led me to all kinds of canons and there are all kinds of awesome femslash fanworks.

I need stories about women in my life. I need stories about queer women in my life. I am a woman, and I am queer. Those stories can be like water. Sometimes I'll run into a queer woman who will say something like, "It's a piece of shit, but it's got lesbians in it, so I'll be watching it." ...and, oh man. There's a Star Wars gif going around tumblr of Rey abruptly stopping when a ship is blown up in front of her, saying "the garbage will do" and abruptly turning and heading toward the Millenium Falcon; it's captioned with something like "when you have read all the good fic about your OTP." ...and that's it, it's that feeling, only I feel like very few of us have ever gotten used to consistently good content, we just want to see queer ladies represented and we don't have a whole lot of choices. I have watched some terrible, terrible media because of this.

Representation is so important. There's a quote by José Esteban Muñoz: "Heteronormative culture makes queers think that both past and future do not belong to them. All we are allowed to imagine is barely surviving in the present.” Stories are how we tell each other about our past and our future. Erasing queers from histories, from stories, can make it feel like we're not supposed to be here at all.

More. )
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Ways of Going Forward by [ profile] redbrickrose
Tennessee wants to say "Where have you been?" or maybe just "Fuck you." She takes a deep breath and says, "Sleeping. It's..." she glances at the clock, "3 am. And my birthday was ten days ago."
Tennessee Thomas/Charlotte Froom | Rating: PG | 5,800 words
This fic is raw edges and tentativeness and history. When Charlotte calls Tennessee in this fic it's awkward and terrible and the timing isn't perfect and both of them are still hurt, but it's a beginning. I love how broken they are in this - how much hurt there is, and how much pining. I love how they don't really let go of each other and how, having all of this history together, they start up again, and how that beginning has an echo in their past; it's really lovely. There's this thing where things aren't really resolved in this, their relationship isn't definitively settled, but they've taken some first steps together. It's hopeful.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles by [ profile] igrockspock
Summary: After the end of the war, Luna makes two surprising discoveries: her father attempted to give Harry to Lord Voldemort, and Severus Snape is alive.
Luna Lovegood & Xenophilius Lovegood, Luna Lovegood & Severus Snape | Rating: PG-13 | 7,069 words
Harry Potter
It's a post-war fic about the aftermath of the war and Luna dealing with the revelation that her father is not the man she thought he was, that his principles are not what she thought they were. It's about Luna making her way back to her father after that realisation and her and Snape figuring out the business of living, after the war. It's about letting people in when you've been hurt, and Snape and Luna helping each other.

Time is but the Stream by [ profile] chaosmanor
"I've been feeling like I've been swimming in two different time streams at once, ever since this started," Patrick said. "The 'now.' And the 'then.' Like being in two places at once. And I think I know why."
Andy Hurley/Patrick Stump | Rating: NC-17 | 27,846 words
I love this story to pieces. There's this line that Patrick says in this - "I fell in love with a philosopher who would read Thoreau to me, and we'd talk about living beside a lake in the silence. I wound up choosing the band over them, which was really sad, but I think of them sometimes, and wish them all the best." and he's talking about Andy, and he says it on-air, just this matter of fact thing that is part of the narrative of his life for him; this fic destroys me in so many different ways. Patrick and Andy fell in love and then changed their relationship - broke up, so at the present that this story begins in they're friends and bandmates. (I love ex-lovers being friends and being able to move forward together.) Right at the beginning of this story there's this tiny comment that Andy makes, and him making it has nothing to do with his past with Patrick, but it takes Patrick back there and, yeah, hits him right in the face, and the story unfolds from there. There are two time-streams weaving back and forth in this and the end brings them into harmony, brings them into harmony. It's utterly lovely.

Buyer's Remorse by [ profile] SilviaKundera
Summary: When Eduardo Saverin has a sudden vacancy for a best friend, no one on earth expects Sean Parker to fill it -- least of all Sean himself.
In which Sean Parker accidentally grows up, stumbles into a priorities readjustment, and helps Eduardo kick True Love's ass like a boss.
Eduardo Saverin/Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker & Eduardo Saverin | Rating: PG-13 | 18,674 words
The Social Network
The Social Network is the story of the birth of a website and the death of a relationship and the fandom is a lot of people trying to fix that relationship. There is a lot of fic about reconciliation in this fandom. As the character who sets the wheels in motion in the film, Sean Parker is not the typical focus of a reconciliation fic, but he is in this one. Sean Parker makes an overture of friendship toward Eduardo Saverin and things spin out differently from that. Sean, in his way, puts a lot of effort into his relationships in this and in trying to help his friends reconcile. Sean. So there's Eduardo's relationship with Sean, which is fascinating and hilarious, and then Eduardo and Mark's reconciliation, which is a long road, partially because they don't realise it's possible for a long time. The fic is ridiculous, funny, and interesting.

The Dark Ocean Bottom. by [ profile] Pennyplainknits
Summary: Stressed and ansty after the end of the tour, Brendon escapes to London, and finds more than he bargains for.
Ryan leans his elbow on the table, puts his chin in his hand. "So, why are you here?"
"I," Brendon pauses... "I just couldn't be there. I needed to be somewhere else."
"Yeah," Ryan finally takes a sip of his tea. "Yeah, I know how that feels."

Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross | Rating: NC-17 | 24,054 words
It's post-split fic, with that delicate between them, and they end up alone in a strange place and find each other. It's really great. There's this thing where, rebuilding their relationship after Ryan has left the band, they build something new. There's a chunk of typos in this, but the tone of the piece is great, and there's this wonderful OT3 element in it, and a really satisfying coming home bit, with pieces slotting together.

(This post is for [community profile] snowflake_challenge. Details about the fourteenth day are here.)
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I woke up to that news that Saturday morning (over a week ago now) and all of these sad garment-rending type posts on my reading list and network. (This is my sad garment-rending type post.)

My Chemical Romance was my favourite active bandom band. They're an important part of bandom for me, and an important part of my fannish history. Bandom's not my first RPF fandom but it's my first serious RPF fandom; I'm a lot more attached to it and the people that it focuses on than I have been with previous RPF fandoms, which is something that I've been processing as I move through bandom.

[personal profile] sinesofinsanity and I do this thing occasionally where we hang out in a kitchen and cook and/or drink tea and talk fandom. We don't tend to share fandoms or read the same fic in fandoms we do share; we're pretty different fannishly. For the past however long I've been talking to her about bandom, which has translated into a lot of talking about MCR (They went LARPing in the desert with Grant Morrison for a couple music videos.* Gerard writes comic books.** One of their music videos is a fanvid; they found a couple of a fanperson's vids, liked her stuff, and paid her to make their music video.***) and about RPF. There's been a lot of processing of where the lines are for me and what being a fan of someone more for their media persona than their work means for me. My becoming a fan of MCR and working to process my relationship with RPF have been really intertwined things for me.

*Killjoys 'verse: Na Na Na, SING
**wiki: The Umbrella Academy
***vidder's lj entry: The Kids From Yesterday

MCR is important to me. I have a lot of feelings about MCR. MCR is "art is the weapon". MCR is "trying to change the world". MCR is "gonna find the way on my own". MCR is "be yourself and don't take anybody's fucking shit".

When I was in high school I was pretty far left on the political spectrum. I am pretty far left on the political spectrum, and there's this narrative about how leftists grow up and stop being leftists. There's this note somewhere that I wrote to Friend A that goes something like, I don't ever want to do that. I don't ever want to accept the status fucking quo. I don't ever want to accept this racist, misogynistic, homophobic bullshit. I don't ever want to stop caring about that shit. I don't ever want to stop fighting. I am terrified of that; I think that the day I stop fighting, stop caring, is the day that something incredibly important dies.

MCR's a fighting band; MCR is a band fighting that fight; they're not perfect, but they're fighting. That's a lot of what MCR has meant to me, and I'm sad that they broke up; I wanted them to grow old and write a children's album together. I didn't want the band to end, but it's okay that they did; things end. Life goes forward and there are new adventures.

(Thank you and best wishes, MCR.)

I have been basically writing around I find MCR inspirational. I liked their message; it's something that I need in my life and something that I occasionally turn around in my head like a favourite old book. It's still there, after they've broken up, and the fandom is still here, too.

The fandom, for those reading this who are unaware, is awesome. Those themes that make me love MCR are all wrapped up in the fandom - geekery and art and meaning and recovery and... it's glorious.

Recs and love )
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Almost There (A Disney Office AU) by [ profile] cest_what
Rating: PG | 4,221 words | Jane Porter/Fa Mulan
Summary: In which Jane has a crush and a dream, Mulan is determined but asleep on her feet, and Shang is possibly stalking Aladdin.
This is such an excellent AU; there's this whole cast of Disney characters in this and they've been slotted into place in a modern office so well. Everything fits together here perfectly and the story told here manages to be charming and a little funny and fluffy and real. The tone of this piece feels like a dead-on match for its parenthetical title, basically, which is incredibly satisfying. The romance arc is adorable and Aladdin and Jane's friendship is pretty prominent, which is great. There's a lot of really awesome detail in this; it's such a delightful read.

the girl with the celluloid stare by [ profile] graceoftheworld
Rating: NC-17 | 2,189 words | Vicky-T/Greta
She likes caramel soy lattés, and assam tea with maple syrup, and chocolate eclairs, and almond croissants. She has the sweetest smile. She wears summer dresses in winter and lots of bracelets on her arms. Her bag is covered in punk buttons. Vicky-T hands her change to her and thinks, *I could just eat you right up*.
I love the depiction of Vicky-T's kind of fixation in this, how there's this theme with her of how sweet Greta is. I love the realness of this, how Vicky-T's a little mean and Greta's a bit undignified. I love the kind of flirtatious banter that they have in this and how much of a bandom story this is, with that realness, those flaws, and all of the setting that isn't in the coffeeshop - that's set in some club or party instead; it's awesome.

Words That I Can't Say by [ profile] lady_ragnell
Rating: G | 8,087 words | Elena/Mithian
Summary: Elena's got a massive crush on her politics TA, and Mithian's doing absolutely nothing to discourage it.
This work is part of a trilogy, each work of which focuses on a different character's romance set around the same period, so, what that translates to is a really adorable B-plot and that the characters who aren't Elena and Mithian clearly have other things going on and are their own people; this is another really fleshed out universe. Elena and Mithian are wonderful and bond over books and history, all without setting off my abuse of power squick, and are just generally delighted by each other; it's wonderful. It's also a really great university AU, specifically; Elena and her best friend have favourite study hang-outs and a preferred source of warm caffeinated beverages, correspondences with people who've left school, and the setting is just generally very much lived in - it's great.


Aug. 31st, 2012 08:12 pm
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masters, doms, slaves & subs: mysterious ways by [personal profile] tree
Mysterious Ways (U2 song); Rating: G; Art: cross-stitch
The "on your knees, boy" cross-stitch is such a great kink piece. I love how it lifts that lyric from the song and highlights that kink that wouldn't necessarily be noticed by listeners; I think there's a lot of kink - purposeful and not - in music that not everyone picks up on; it's easy not to think about lyrics, so I love how this puts it on display. Of course, the cross-stitch is also removing the lyric from the context of the song; it's not something that someone's likely to look at and identify as a U2 lyric - it's not something that's unique to being a U2 lyric.
"On your knees, boy" is an order. On your knees is a less defensible, more submissive position. A boy is someone with less authority than an adult. Everything about that phrase is kind of screaming "do as I say"; it's incredibly kinky. The part where it's gilt-framed text makes me think of all the other framed orders I've been around in terms of kink, which is pretty fun.
As a cross-stitch piece it's really great to think of in relation to other word cross-stitch pieces; I'm used to seeing sayings that are valued in that house or things that serve as affirmations or reminders and thinking of [personal profile] tree's piece that way is really wonderful.

A Beginner's Guide to Vulcan Sexual Practice, by Captain James T. Kirk by [ profile] thingswithwings
Star Trek; Rating: NC-17; 4,621 words; James T. Kirk/Spock
"It is tradition," Spock says blandly. "Surely you would not ask me to abandon Vulcan tradition." "Uh," Jim replies.
This is a fic that was written, as its notes say, in response to a comm that was set up as a place for fic featuring kink-free sex. It had this long list of all of the kinks that weren't welcome in the comm that the Kel-Toth that Spock follows in this fic is based on. The Kel-Toth and how Kirk and Spock interact with it are such excellent manifestations of obedience kink. The Kel-Toth is this long document full of rules, so many rules, about how Vulcans should have sex; it is pretty inherently kinky.
I really like this story for everything that it does with the obedience kink: it's got straight-up obedience, a look at the wrong/forbidden that rules create as well as the opportunity for the perversion of those rules. Spock's adherence to the rules comes with a fair amount of sorting out what he can and can not do; the Kel-Toth highlights kink. Kirk reacts to the rules by diving into the material head on, obeying the rules, and then finding all of the loop-holes and things not forbidden by them. It's fun. The story's an interesting exploration of obedience kink and kink in general.

stones to turn and stare at by [ profile] summerstorm
Teen Wolf; Rating: NC-17; 4,126 words; Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
The window clicks shut as Derek turns around and says, "What?" His face is—hilarious, actually, but if Stiles is going to go through with this he can't allow himself to crack this early, let alone crack up. Cracking up is not something you come back from. So he repeats, "Sit down," widening his eyes to let Derek know that this is really freaking easy to figure out if Derek just puts his mind to it.
This is such a wonderful first time obedience kink story. I love that it's Stiles giving the orders in this, and that that's something that Derek wants and has asked for; it's a really interesting and enjoyable story, characterisation-wise. I really love thinking of this story in relationship to Derek's history with Kate; I think that this story is all kinds of hopeful and positive in relation to that.
It's a great expermentation fic. There's conversation and communication; the fic touches on the negotiation and discussion that Derek and Stiles had about this and details all of Stiles' thought processes and strategising as he feels out how to give orders and what sort of orders to give. There's uncertainty and awkwardness in it, which are both pretty fantastic in a first time fic. There's cooperation between the two of them. It's a really great fic about them exploring the kink together.

Pull Your Tangles Out by [ profile] boweryd
Bandom: Panic at the Disco; Rating: NC-17; 9,000 words; Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith
If this is like a thing you two do.
This is another sort of first time story; it's an accidental kinksters or kink discovery fic, where someone doesn't realise that what they're doing is kinky or kind of falls into a kink. Spencer doesn't realise that the dynamic that he and Brendon have, where Brendon does what Spencer tells him to, is kind of kinky until its pointed out to him and then he thinks about it. Spencer processing, experimenting, and ultimately falling into the kink is all really fantastic; there's this lovely repetition of If this is like a thing you two do with Spencer turning that phrase over and figuring out what it means, what those obedience and submission kinks mean for himself and Brendon. It's a really wonderful progression.

New Message by [ profile] jedusaur
Bandom: Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance; Rating: PG; 1,320 words; Pete Wentz/Mikey Way
Mikey's ringtone is a single half-second chime, because if it were anything more obnoxious than that, no one would spend any amount of time with Pete without throwing his phone out a window.
This fic contains an incredibly interesting expression of non-sexual obedience kink. Mikey takes on making a lot of the small decisions in Pete's life for him, making those orders. The way those little decisions tie them together and the level of knowledge and involvement that Mikey has with the minutiae of Pete's life because of them is neat. The orders are pretty simple on the surface, but what they mean isn't. There's that level of knowledge, to start with. There's also how connected Mikey and Pete are and the way they carry each other around and interact via text all day; they're very much a part of each other's lives. The way that chime is a connection and something grounding for Pete is very powerful. I love the way it's a kind of Hey, I'm here. Here's this little thing that you don't have to worry about anymore.
The obedience kink is this fic is really interesting to me in how firmly it's rooted in care-taking on Mikey's part. I think that care-taking in fic with a D/s slant shows up more commonly as aftercare or an aspect of play, so the amount focus there is on it here is remarkable.

This rec set was made for the obedience square of my [community profile] kink_bingo card. It is more than 500 words long. :)

~ belonging

Jul. 8th, 2012 11:36 pm
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These are all stories that hit my domestic/home/safe kink and they've all got this element of uncertainty or carefulness in them. It's an excellent combination.

Safe Harbour by [ profile] softlyforgotten
Rating: PG-13; 3,037 words; Z Berg/Tennessee Thomas
Summary: "We're on the lam," Z said.
I've been planning on reccing this fic since I read it. It's this really lovely, kind of quiet, mundane story with all of these undercurrents and bits of wonderful phrasing that all make it the sort of story that's really easy to sink into for me, easy to read again. Z and Tennessee take a road trip with Laena to Reni, Charlotte behind them, and it's just- it's really great.

one foot in and one foot back by [ profile] inlovewithnight
Snow White and the Huntsman RPF
Rating: PG-13; 1,676 words; Charlize Theron/Kristen Stewart
Summary: This is not her life, but she doesn't want to go home.
It's this gorgeous domestic story about, in part, being all tangled up with wanting something. Kristen is brilliantly written in this and there are some really enjoyable details and bits of humour throughout.

Set Our Watches Forward Like We're Just Arriving Here by [personal profile] summerstorm
American Idol RPF
Rating: NC-17; 5,310 words; Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Summary: "I haven't actually broken anything, it's just a stupid fracture," or how Kris Allen fractured his wrist and decided to keep his apartment, and also Adam.
This is another fic with cautiousness and uncertainty, with all of that tension that's sometimes there before a relationship happens. I really love the journey that Kris takes in this fic, getting to a place where he's happier, where he's more at home. It's wonderful.
kiki_eng: Annie Monroe of The Like wearing sunglasses (bandom) (Annie wearing sunglasses)
Sunflowers, Bubbles, & Ryan Ross by [ profile] ordinaryink
SFW; Art: Ryan Ross
I love the kind of folksy bent that all of the thatching lends in this and how Ryan's limbs are out of proportion. Those limbs make him look a lot like a doll I had as a kid, made of cloth and wooden blocks. I love how surreal and folksy this universe is.

Interlinked by [ profile] doctor_jasley
Rating: PG-13; 12,784 words; Brendon/Spencer
Summary: A story about finding yourself in the most unusual way and new beginnings. Or conversely, a mildly steampunkish fic where Spencer doesn’t realize he’s dating Brendon.
It's this really adorable AU with magic in it. There aren't any epic quests in this and everything's pretty firmly grounded in the ordinary, or this universe's ordinary, anyway. There are marriage customs and apprenticeships, wire birds and a mechanical kitten. It's this really lovely mix of elements.

Waiting For The Opportune Moment by [ profile] TheWrongKindOfPC
Rating: PG; 4,576 words; Z/Tennessee
Summary: In which there are tearful kisses, firearms, and blue drinks with lots of umbrellas. The Like in space, essentially.
I love how the kind of stylistic choices that a band makes are transferred to space piracy, here, how bits of The Like canon have been transferred over. The characters in this are a little flaily and adorable and hilarious in this. It's a lot of fun.

(This post is for [personal profile] china_shop's Fandom Appreciation Challenge, which "is about giving feedback, reccing and interacting with other fen." - details here.)
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I Constantly Thank God For George Lucas by [personal profile] twentysomething
Bandom/Glee RPF
Rating: PG-13; 6,000 words; Chris Colfer/Ian Crawford; ableist language: "lamest"
Summary: "Check it out, I think you've found a nerd soulmate," Mark whispers loudly, especially for a dude who was home-schooled and likes to bird watch. But Chris obligingly looks across the aisle to the opposing gate and holy crap- there's a Yoda backpack leaning up against the leg of a skinny redhead."
This story is such a fun romp. It's full of texts and tweets and twitpics and youtube links and other graphics. There's this budding long distance romance between Chris and Ian that is gloriously fuzzy and all of these really wonderful bits and pieces with their band and cast mates being ridiculous running throughout the piece. It's really joyful and full of humour and adorable wee shenanigans, essentially.

Making Other Plans by [ profile] skoosiepants
Bandom/Disney RPF
Rating: PG-13; 7,380 words; Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden
Summary: Kevin quits showbiz, gets a divorce, goes to college, starts a band, and gets adopted by crazy people.
Kevin brought this on himself, though, he can admit that. He could have said no to the band and the house and the roommates and the mentally challenged cat. Kevin has made his bed, and now he must lie in it.
I love stories like this. There's this somewhat awkward fumbling romance between Kevin and Mike that's delightful, but not really the point of or the main focus of the story; it's about Kevin essentially growing into himself after JONAS. It's really wonderful and there are all of these little details in this that make the universe that it depicts real. It's a futurefic wherein Selena Gomez and Kevin Jonas start up a band and keep their real identities incredibly badly concealed while making enchantingly adorable music. It's incredibly charming and fun

Outside the Rules by [ profile] bexless
Bandom/American Idol RPF
Rating: PG; 1,600 words; Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Adam Lambert
Summary: MCR/Adam high school au crossover fic where they go LARPing.
“I don’t understand why I shouldn’t have a cloak,” Adam said for the fifth time.
Gerard and Adam are geeky queer teenaged outsiders at each other and they bond - that's what this story is. It's fantastic. Adam and Gerard are snippy and earnest and caring at each other. It's funny and adorable.

The Like

Feb. 15th, 2012 10:47 pm
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(I'm doing what I inaccurately refer to as "Femslash February" again this year. It's a month where all of the fannish content I consume and produce is focused on female characters, either gen or femslash.)

The Right Music by [ profile] harborshore
Rating: PG-13; 675 words; Z Berg/Tennessee Thomas
Tennessee and Z have had a lot of firsts together.
It's this really sweet story about Z and Tennessee's first kiss. It's a short piece and the more I read it the more I like it. It has all of these little pieces in it sketching out their lives and their friendship and longing and it's just really wonderful.

The Staircase Scene by [ profile] cest_what
Rating: PG-13; 450 words; Z Berg/Charlotte Froom
Charlotte has always hated that scene in every teen movie where the heroine comes down the stairs in her prom dress and the music swells and her date loses the ability to form words.
It's that scene from the teen movie and it's handled really well; it's very them. I love the kind of edge that both of them have in this.

Wearing Her Colors by [ profile] inlovewithnight
Rating: NC-17; 1,723 words; Z Berg/Annie Monroe
It's a photoshoot thing, at first, and Annie assumes it's just Z being bossy.
This is a wonderfully kinky story wherein Z dresses Annie, and it's kind of incredibly awesome because there are a number of different permutations of that clothing kink embedded in it. There's the power dynamic of Z telling Annie what to wear and Annie doing it and there's wearing someone else's clothing and matching someone and wearing gendered clothing and appreciating the details of clothing, and, basically, if you're interested in clothing hie thee hither.

Bend Toward Joy by [ profile] softlyforgotten
Rating: NC-17; 3,259 words; Z Berg/Laena Geronimo/Annie Monroe/Tennessee Thomas
"It has come to our attention," Laena said, "that you might need a little more looking after than first realised."
This is another story with some kink in it, with Z being fenced in and held in place and those currents running through the story. There's also a tentativeness contrasting that and tied in with it being GSF and them getting together.

If you're interested in primers and rundowns of who people are [personal profile] 6degreesforbandfemslash, a project aimed at encouraging bandom femslash, is really great for that. They have pages for all of The Like's members, past and present: Z Berg, Tennessee Thomas, Charlotte Froom, Laena Geronimo, Annie Monroe and Reni Lane. I'd also recommend I like The Like - a primer/picspam by [ profile] tanisafan, especially if you're familiar with Panic! at the Disco.


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