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[personal profile] lucifuge5 prompted me with "A media (book, movie, etc.) that you like reccing to people all the time." This is probably Slings & Arrows for me, just because it feels like such a solid rec to make to a lot of different people. It's smart, earnest, and funny.

You're into Canadiana? Hoo boy. So it's about a theatre festival that bears a striking similarity to Stratford; it's amazing. Jackie Burroughs is in it. Sarah Polley. Paul Gross. \o/ You know, the mountie from Due South, yeah, he's the lead. Ranger Gord from Red Green is in it. Colm Feore. Sean Cullen. Rachel McAdams. William Hutt is in it. Seriously, it's like - anytime you find yourself walking through any kind of photo collection of people in Canadian theatre, you are going to be finding someone from this show, possibly multiple someones. It's a delight.

You like theatre? This is a love letter to the theatre. It's about the Stratford Festival, and each season of the show is a season at the theatre and they focus on two productions that they're putting on - so you get to see them performing bits of Shakespeare and having meta discussions about that performance and talking to the stage manager and about ticket sales and funding and all of these different details, and some of it's pretty cynical. But there's also theses little moments where the show goes there, right there, that's why the theatre is magic, that's why we're doing this it's great.

I'm Canadian and like the arts. Those are the two pitches that tend to come up the most.

It's three seasons of six episodes. The season arcs are well structured. They play with themes really well.

I requested it for yuletide a few years back.

Paul Gross is having a ball in this series, that is something that is so evident watching it. He spends a fair amount of time arguing with a ghost that only he can see. There are amazing characters in this. People feel incredibly, incredibly real - wonderful and awful in such mundane, human ways.

The series is made up of so many moments, so many things big and small, that I am in love with. The first performance they put on of Macbeth. Maria, drunk and surly at a party. Anna, wounded and strong. Ellen, happily dating young things. Darren Nichols, adjusting his scarf. Geoffrey, putting on a show.

I love it, so I recommend it.


Jan. 27th, 2016 08:10 pm
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This is for [personal profile] calvinahobbes' prompt "Asian media that you would rec and why more people need to watch/read/hear it."

Healer might be my favourite television series ever. It is a planned one season show. There are twenty episodes that everything plays out in and then it is over.

You need to watch this show because it's going to freaking light up your life if it hasn't already. I've been comparing this to superman when I've been reccing this to people a lot, but it is so much better than that, it goes so far beyond that, and also there are no aliens.

Healer is this mercenary for hire with no real moral policy except no killing. He gets his clients through an older woman named Min-ja, who is a hacker - she runs the whole tech side of the business and is this amazing mix of protective, surly, and mocking, I think. She is hands-down one of the best parts of the show. You need to watch Healer because you need that woman in your life.

Events conspire that Healer goes undercover as a reporter; if you have an identity porn kink this is the series for you. I don't really think of myself as having one, but this series is delicious for that; it is so incredibly satisfying. Chae Young-shin is a reporter who dreams of making it big. She is an adorable ball of sunshine and good nature who spent her formative years supervised by criminals in a coffee shop. She is also my favourite. Everyone is my favourite.

She has this really great relationship with her dad that's a delight. She is also really funny. The leads in this thing are really solid. Kim Moon-ho is the other lead, an older established reporter. They end up unraveling together a decades old mystery and cover-up along with a giant conspiracy.

Shit explodes. There are heroics and great fight scenes. Healer has no idea how to be a real boy but he figures it out. Min-ja makes fun of him a lot, which is amazing, and also has his back. Chae Young-chin is strong and incredibly relate-able. Everyone's past gets unraveled. Satisfying backstories and endings for everyone. People die tragically, and there are extensive cuddles.

There are fight training scenes and ridiculous lairs. There are despicable villains and people are seriously badass. Good triumphs over evil. Mostly.

There are so many little things that I love in this series, but I shall not be telling you about them, because I think there is so much delight in the discovery in this. It is an action-thriller mystery romcom that is brilliantly executed, and so, so rich.

Go to dramafever and watch the first episode: the series is here.

(ETA: The series is also on viki: here.)
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[personal profile] sinesofinsanity prompted me to write on this, and since she's a genfic person I went looking for stuff to rec her.

I didn't find a lot of female friendship fanworks when I went looking through my bookmarks. Part of this has to do with how female friendships are represented in the media. Too often there is no female character at all. Sometimes there is one female character. Female friendship doesn't get depicted where women do not exist. We live in a world where the Bechdel, or Bechdel-Wallace Test exists, where two women existing, talking to each other, about something other than a man, is actually remarkable.

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In your own space, post a rec for fannish and/or creative resources and spaces. Tell us where you go to dig up canon facts for your fandom, or where you get all the juicy details about your favorite ship. Where do you like to hang out and squee like a squeeing thing? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

The following is probably roughly what I would send someone who showed up in my inbox going Hi, I'm new to fandom and you seem nice - help?

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Let me tell you about my adventures in watching Christmas films by Hallmark and other studios producing similar work. I feel like I am checking off a vanilla square for kink bingo with this, but no, that is not the case, this, I do, because it is [community profile] snowflake_challenge time, and today's challenge is to create a fanwork, and my mind is a bit fried now and the level of mental activity I feel up to is about Hallmark movie. Oh, yes, there is no Love Actually in this list, there is no Die Hard. None of those, only partially because I hate the first and haven't gotten around to the second yet. Today, today is the day of the pure, the simple, roughly hour and a half romcom, covered in fake snow and glitter.

It's January, you say, I don't need this in my life, you say, too bad. It's happening, you don't have to stay, but you'll be missing out if you do: it's gonna be magical.

Number One, kicking it old school: On the 2nd Day of Christmas. You know who's in this film? Who the romantic hero is? No less than motherfucking Mark Ruffalo, circa 1997. Aw yiss, baby faced Mark Ruffalo, playing a department store security guard, that most revered of occupations. In super sketch romcom logic he ends up taking a criminal home for Christmas, because charging her on Christmas eve would be un-Christmas like, and detaining her in handcuffs until Boxing Day isn't some weird-ass kidnapping-adjacent shit. They bicker, which is fabulous and the whole thing is this tropey explosion (kid fic! fake dating!) that I ended up emailing about in capslocked wonder, liveblog-fashion, to an SGA friend, because guess who else is in this glorious piece of cinema history: David Hewlett. David Hewlett is the villain; he's got a fabulous costume with red velvet or something and fur and fake facial hair. Would reccomend.

Number Two: A Princess for Christmas, starring Katie McGrath of Merlin sporting an American accent, the cover art looks like some posh British version of Labyrinth. It's not, that's not the movie, the movie isn't even it's title, I don't know what they were doing. It feels like a depressing mid-West Christmas version of The Princess Diaries with siblings. There are two kids in this thing, their dad got Black-style removed from the royal family tapestry when he married their mum and now they're both dead for some reason and their aunt, Katie McGrath who works in an antique shop, is their guardian and things are going kinda shitty for her because she's single-parenting and she didn't plan for this shit and we open on her having a bad day. They end up getting invited to Christmas at grandfather's castle and she goes for the escape and then there are cliches and romance. Katie McGrath is very pretty; it was a good time for me.

Number Three - another I would like to be a princess, thanks film: A Royal Christmas. "Prince Leopold, heir to the throne of Cordinia, wishes to marry his young love Emily Taylor, a humble seamstress from Philadelphia. But Leopold's mother, Queen Isadora has other plans for her son." a humble seamstress from Philadelphia - gold. So, yep, she's just a modest girl of the people with an unusually accurate last name and her prospective mother-in-law hates her with the power of a thousand suns and acts like a child in an attempt to get rid of her and there's something about her wanting to be a fashion designer and true love conquers all, eventually. If you watched number two and could have made it through without caring about Katie McGrath, you're fine, this'll do ye.

That's it. I'm done. I feel this has already gone too far downhill. I don't even particularly like Christmas. It is nearly as far from being Christmas as it can possibly be, depending on how you measure it. No more!

I am sort of under the impression that Hallmark makes roughly a dozen of these films per year, so if you do decide this is your jam, you are so set. Have fun.
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1) The first trade paperback of Lumberjanes came out! So, I am now, the, uh, proud owner of three copies of the first eight four issues of Lumberjanes. I am only keeping two of them, it's fine. (It is! The floppies have all of that floppy goodness including these rad mix tapes in the back and the trade, that I have not read yet has bits from the Lumberjanes handbook as it's chapter headings and cover art in the back. I'm excited. (I wrote about Lumberjanes here last year and the first eight issues were basically everything that I wanted.)

2) A copy of the ninth issue finally came in for me, so, now I can finally read the rest of the ones that are out, it is so fantastic. I have lots to read, including the first two issues of Silk, No.s 1-4 of Delphine by Richard Sala, the first trade of Saga, The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy, Maskerade by Terry Pratchett, Go Jump in the Pool by Gordon Korman, The Tempest by William Shakespeare, and La gloire de mon père by Marcel Pagnol. ...and all of the stuff I actually need to read first because I am a responsible adult, maybe, sort of, IDK. There are so many books.

3) I have written actual words for my WIP of shame today. A thing that I posted bits of publicly and haven't updated in almost four years. There was a thing that went by my dash on tumblr that was something like if you're writing something and you're stuck it's because you've written something wrong - go back and fix it, keep writing and I have new words for that story now. I am so excited about this.

4) I have been absent from dreamwidth. I have a couple things that I have not yet replied to that I am sort of eyeing with shame right now. I don't know. It's one of those things where it's sort of a saga of and then life happened. (Internet issues and then other projects, basically. I got a lot done in March and was very social in February.) Anyway: hi?

Edited: Because reading numbers and books is hard. (It has been a month.)
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So, I just finished watching that Dylan O'Brien movie about teenage virginity that all of those bedroom stills are from? ...and I ordered it in from the library in a fit of fannish compulsion and steeled myself for it to be terrible and cringe-worthy and I have a finely developed embarrassment squick, so there was absolutely cringing, but, I also ended up completely charmed? Like, this is getting mentally shelved in the same place as Easy A and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Like, I feel like Dylan O'Brien carried a lot of this movie, because, a lot of this felt cliché, and there were lines that he said where I went, oh, they are so lucky that they have you, because the performer matters, basically; a good actor can make something mundane or cliché seem new and mesmerising. (...and now I want Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman to be a yuletide fandom.) Basically, I feel like this could have been an absolutely terrible film with a lesser actor, but, instead I am all... Tyler Hoechlin over Dylan O'Brien, essentially.

Dylan O'Brien's character, Dave, meets a girl named Aubrey on a Friday night and they end up spending all of these chunks of time of their weekend together, having teenage conversations about what they want to do with their life, and who they like, and first times, and just sort of blurting things at each other, almost, like, this is me, this is me, this is me with all of this self-consciousness, fear of rejection alongside it and - it's sort of terrible on one level, because it's like "We're teenagers! Let's be, like, painfully earnest at each other, and, oh, look, she does art" and everyone in this film is so obviously a fake teenager; none of these people are real in that way, but, at the same time I'm watching this going, okay, so, my teenage experience was nothing like this, but, it also absolutely was. I had incredibly earnest conversations with people that I didn't know that well where we tried to figure out what we were doing with the rest of our lives. I wrote, like, hipster poetry and spent more time than I do now working on my vinyl collection, and I had so much less confidence in myself than I do today. ...and I can see my teenage self in this film - for all of its fakeness and everything else that rankles it feels like there's truth in it.

It's kind of awesome. It's not a cinematic masterpiece, but, it is adorable and charming and has a number of good messages in it. I like Aubrey's prickliness and cynicism and - okay, Aubrey is awesome. I love her awareness of the virgin/whore dichotomy and her awareness of STDs and her skirt with pockets and her terrible bangs and I just have a tremendous amount of affection for her. ...and, I may have gotten sidetracked there. Okay, but, I love the way this film handles the first time, because, a lot of how the characters talked about it, their perceptions and experiences were familiar from my teenage days, and I love how this film handled Dave and Aubrey's first time, that it wasn't great, and the fallout from that. I love how this film is all about conversations and is basically a love letter to conversations - seriously, that is all this film is - and that's the take away, basically, that in life and love what matters are those conversations and the people that you want to be having them with. I think that's an awesome message.

So, yeah, I really liked this film, and can really see why someone would have nominated it for yuletide really clearly now, especially with those character nominations, because I am in a place right now, where, yeah, I'd like me some futurefic about Dave and Aubrey, and hell yeah do I want to see more of Jane.

So, this is a surprised and surprisedly enthusiastic rec. You should watch it and maybe think about it for yuletide... and, exposure to tumblr leads me to say that if you have a thing for Dylan O'Brien's hands? Or moles? Or self, in general? This film is relevant to your interests.


Jul. 9th, 2014 11:47 am
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I picked up the first issue because I heard that it was a comic about five girls (five!) and that there was queerness that would be happening and it took me a while to get my hands on it, actually. My comic shop wasn't carrying it and so they ordered it in for me and it felt like forever passed before it actually arrived, and then I read it, grinning delightedly, and then immediately read it again.

It's great, it's so great. I want to draw hearts all over it, which, is actually kind of funny. I went to TCAF this past May and when I went up to one of the exhibitor's tables I was like I know this art. I have never seen this art before but I know this art. and then there was this really useful sign that said "gingerhaze" and "Noelle Stevenson" and probably some other stuff and I went aha! gingerhaze and bought something and, before we'd finished sorting out the change issue, the name "Noelle Stevenson" finished wandering through my brain looking for something to connect to and found "Lumberjanes". ...and now I have a signed copy that Noelle Stevenson has drawn wee little hearts on, which, like the comic itself, is also pretty great.

I'd brought it to TCAF with me so that I could share it with [personal profile] readbystarlight, and she read it on the subway making amused delighted noises and reading bits aloud and taking a few pictures for her little cousins, and I met up with [personal profile] sobluethesky on my way home after the con and made her read it, too, and she... made delighted noises and quoted different bits aloud and then asked me how much comics cost.

There are now four issues of Lumberjanes out and I finally got my hands on the third one the week before last, because my comic shop sold out before I got there that Wednesday and just got it in for me then. ...and I think the third one is my favourite so far, because it has math and adventure.

I am incredibly enthusiastic about this comic and basically feel like everyone should be reading it. It's about the adventures of five girls at something that bears a striking resemblance to some sort of girl scout camp.

[Five girls are passing under a large wooden sign that reads, in cursive, "Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penninguigul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for", here, an additional sign has been nailed over at an angle. Crudely engraved it reads "HARDCORE LADY TYPES". An additional sign in the same style has been hung to the bottom of the main sign and reads "FRIENDSHIP TO THE MAX!" There are coniferous trees and log cabins visible in the camp and it is night; the moon is out and there are stars. A blonde girl in a coonskin cap and cargo shorts is gesturing the others into the camp with one hand and for silence with the other. A girl with messy brown hair with a blue streak in it and a red band tied about it like an athletic headband is at the back of the group and looks like she needs to pee. In front of her is a girl wearing rolled up pink shorts and what would be a classic Little Red Riding Hood cloak if it didn't have sleeves. Running through camp in front of her is a girl with short hair with shaved sides wearing a denim vest over a plaid shirt. In front of her is a girl with messy brown hair wearing what looks like an army green jacket with elbow patches, a matching messenger bag on her shoulder.]

...and, okay, that's sort of a ridiculously long image description, but there is just a lot going on there that is awesome. There is a lot going on in this comic that is awesome. It's set up for kids, and is generally delightful, and one of the things that that translates into is that this comic is curse word free. Instead, they say things like "What the junk?" and invoke the names of awesome ladies.

[A girl wearing a coonskin cap has thrown up her hands and is saying "Oh my Bessie Coleman, can we just worry about getting back to camp before Jen wakes up?! We'll decode the cryptic message later." A girl with messy brown hair has raised her fingerless-glove-clad hands in an appeasing gesture, replying, "Okay, okay. Cool your jets."]

There are cryptic messages. There's this really delightful fantasy element in this.

[A girl wearing a denim vest has her hands raised up in exasperation; "Guys, that wasn't the... I mean... OK, this is happening, I guess." Around her three other girls are attacking what appear to be exceptionally large, snarling, three-eyed foxes.]

The woman who runs the camp is named Rosie and bears a really strong resemblance to the Riveter and has tattoos and cat-eye glasses and I have opinions about her. They have this fantastic put-upon camp counselor named Jen and they're all individually fantastic and relatable and it's funny and great and the art is really fresh and solid and sort of perfect? (I am murdering it a lot with my camera - it's really vibrant and has great lines - lines that do not include that bit of white animal hair that snuck into the first photo.) It's sweet and funny and really, really feminist. Every issue so far has had a mixtape made by one of the girls at the end and there's stuff like Sleater-Kinney, Joan Jett, Janelle Monáe, and Tegan & Sara on them.

Reading this comic it's just incredibly obvious how much its creators love girls and women, and the whole thing is this glorious romp. It's one of those things that I look at and go, okay, so, when I somehow become an aunt... And, look, I have so far restrained myself from buying extra copies, and I'm going like Eight Issues. Eight Issues and then a Trade? There needs to be a trade. Trades are nice. I like trades, and, I want to have all of this bound up in a single volume, to have it on my shelf and be able to hand it over to someone for them to love, because it's great, and great in ways I haven't touched on, writing this, and I want to share that.

[The first three issues of Lumberjanes are spread out on a white and pink floral background.]

The fourth issue of Lumberjanes is out today, and, yeah, I'm going to be legging it to my comic shop pretty soon.
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banner by [personal profile] ktc

[community profile] imadeathing is a thing that's happening right now. It's a multifandom craft festival. This round goes until the 28th of June. I'm starting to leave prompts and think about things. (Prompts are optional, but I really like them, and... now I'm sort of trying to figure out how to make a fannish cat tree, like, IDK. I feel like that prompt may have sort of gotten away from me, but I am nonetheless intrigued.)

I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier this week, and I enjoy going to the cinema, but when it's something that I'm fannish about and, you know, the majority of the audience isn't, it's a slightly weird experience. I don't do most of my fannish activities in public and I'm used to interacting and being around people who have a similar background when I'm doing fannish things, and there were people at the theatre that didn't know that Michael B. Jordan had been cast as the Human Torch, and didn't stay until the end of the credits, and didn't know who played Bucky, and just, evidently were interacting with the text differently than I was, which, you know, happens all the time, but somehow managed to be slightly jarring this time.

I am behind on the goals I set because of [profile] fandom_snowflake, which is haunting me a little, but is also sort of motivating? I have mixed feelings about this.
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Science, y'all. and More Science! by [personal profile] melannen
This is some really fantastic meta that was written and compiled in response to this prevailing image of slashers as heterosexual housewives. [personal profile] melannen went looking for all the sexuality surveys of slashers that she could find and ran the numbers and found that, actually, a lot of slashers were queer, way more than 10% (which is the queer portion of the general population statistic I hear a lot), in fact, most slashers identified as queer. Numbers are pretty cool. I really love that there's this thing out there that I can point to when people talk about slash as being this het female thing. I think this is super-interesting meta.

Podfic as transformative works--Let me count the ways by [personal profile] podcath
[personal profile] podcath wrote some really awesome meta about podfic as creative works and in relation to fic and about fannish etiquette and some goings-on in the podfic community, which are all really interesting to me. [personal profile] podcath includes some really neat links that show a little bit of the history of the podficcing community. I don't identify as a podficcer, nor do I listen to a lot of podfic, but I think it's great, and this meta is incredibly interesting and does a good job of showcasing podfic as a valuable creative endeavour in its own right.

Women's Hockey Primer by [personal profile] pineapplechild
Hockey RPF
I went through this thing a bit ago where I started getting into Hockey RPF and then it was February which is the month in which all my fannish intake is about ladies, basically, and I swore a bit. I had a lot of trouble finding any fic about women who play hockey (not gender-swapped NHL-ers, but people who are on women's college hockey teams and women's Olympic teams) and I really wish this primer had been around then. It's great! There are pictures and videos and fun facts! ...and I want to add something here, about the CWHL. If you want to support women's hockey you can do the financial donation thing through the Friends of the CWHL. You can also buy merch, so, say, if you were really excited about the U.S.A. Olympic Women's Hockey team you might also be interested in buying a tee from them with, say, Chu's name and CWHL jersey number on it. (It is sort of hockey and Olympic season here, so I am just, you know, throwing that out there.)

This post is for [community profile] snowflake_challenge. Details about the third day are here.


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