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[community profile] snowflake_challenge is a posting challenge that runs annually for the first fifteen days in January. Some of the challenges are fannish in nature, some of them aren't, but they're all designed to be as do-able as possible for people and to encourage expression and creativity and caring and happiness, basically. It's a super-chill challenge, you do as much or as little as you like.

The mods are fantastic. In addition to posting a new challenge each day, they also post a ton of comments on the participants posts - the "I did it!" posts that they make on the comm and the post that they made on their journal or tumblr. The mods do an amazing job at setting a tone of encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the challenge and I've had some really great interactions as a result of the challenge and that tone.

I'm going to be so sorry to see it go, if it does, because that's the thing: it is a lot of work to run a challenge like that and they can do it because they have a team of multiple people trading off and making schedules behind the scenes, I imagine. This year has been a year of changes for a lot of people, though, and a lot of the old mods can't run the challenge this year, so they need new people.

So, if you've loved this challenge, or are excited about the idea of it, I encourage you to help out however you can - spreading the word or volunteering.

This year has been fairly crap for a lot of people in many ways, and, I kind of think of [community profile] snowflake_challenge, as, like, an extended More Joy Day. We could use some more joy this coming year, I think.

(The official how to help post is here. Yes, there are three links to the same post in this entry.)
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In your own space, post a rec for fannish and/or creative resources and spaces. Tell us where you go to dig up canon facts for your fandom, or where you get all the juicy details about your favorite ship. Where do you like to hang out and squee like a squeeing thing? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

The following is probably roughly what I would send someone who showed up in my inbox going Hi, I'm new to fandom and you seem nice - help?

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A couple days ago, for International Volunteer Day, the OTW thanked its volunteers. Part of this meant that I got an e-mail thanking me for over three years of service, and went no... It hasn't been three years. It has?

I started volunteering as a tagwrangler over three years ago, and apparently feel like I started volunteering somewhere around six months ago, despite the fact that I was part of the Category Change Workgroup for like two years.

I like volunteering - in case anyone's wondering - and I like tagwrangling - I get to organise things, how much of my time it takes up is pretty adaptable, and one of the perks is seeing tags and fics that I might not, normally.

Putting numbers together, adding up the time, is just very strange, I often find. I am totally aware that my first decade of journalling is coming up in a couple years but the part where that meant that I had known some people for about that same amount of time was somehow totally shocking to me, like - "No, no, I met you like a month ago, three default icons/hair styles ago..." - this strange contradiction - and there are other people I feel like I've known for longer, and it's so bizarre.

I have been having a lot of time and friendship and fandom feels this weekend. Y'all are lovely.

(I am relatively certain that this is the first time I've discussed volunteering with the OTW publicly; I made the decision recently that I wanted to be more public with it. I am still sort of figuring out what that means.)
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Adobe Is All Up in Your Reading Business, And Other Links
In today's Holy Shit are you KIDDING? news comes a story first reported on Monday by Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader: Adobe Digital Editions v4 is gathering data on what you read and sending that information back to Adobe.
...and the details are somewhat impressively skeevier than you might think with that intro.

Candidates Announcement
The OTW announces that there is no election this year because they don't have enough election candidates, just three candidates for three spots. They also name this year's candidates.
(The last OTW contested election was in 2011.)

The OTW is currently looking for Support Staff and Tag Wranglers. Support Staff is a 4 hour weekly commitment, and tag wrangling is a 1 hour weekly commitment.
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I'm looking for meta about reccing - anything you can link me would be awesome; I am trying to get my hands on as much as I can.

I've gone through the [ profile] metafandom newsletters on LJ looking for stuff and found a lot. I finished that yesterday and was the most excited person because I had finished all of metafandom, until I realised that, of course, I hadn't, because I still have all of Dreamwidth's [community profile] metafandom to go through. I am at that point in the research phase where the answer to "Will I ever finish researching?" is "NFI." I think I probably have around a hundred links now, but have zero interest in counting to confirm that currently, but I finished going through metafandom's LJ!

I have lots of meta tabs and stuff I still need to go through, still, but feel this is sort of a good time in the process to ask for more links and talk about how I spent my summer vacation. Or okay, not really that last bit, but I have spent a fairly solid chunk of time in the past couple months reading through and skimming the metafandom newletter on LJ and doing the same with the linked stuff, and have decided to write a little bit about that.

The deleted and purged journals were and are sad to me and there's also a good chunk of locked entries in those links now. There would be fascinating excerpts and I would follow the link to... nothing. (It was awful.) It's been interesting being in a space after the party has died down, basically, and it's interesting skimming past all of this meta that I'm not looking for right now, just seeing bits of the titles and excerpts for the most part. One of the things that was really interesting, doing that, is looking at the issues that have cropped up again years later - there have been and are, recurring discussions: Slash and Gay (What is slash? What is gay? Why is a predominately female group writing mostly male slash?); Fandom: We're Here and We Are Pretty Queer, Actually? (There's a way higher percentage of us that ID as some form of queer/not straight than there's supposed to be in the general population.)

...and I found some old ace meta that I suspect a few people on my flist may be interested in. (One link totally demonstrates that cyclical discussions thing.)

[meta-ish] why can't we all just get along? (said the spider to the fly) by [ profile] duskwings (2006, April 3)
I guess that my very, very long point is that ... I don't see why there is wank over asexuality versus ship, when you can just as easily ignore the other side and go back to the porn. Or ... the not-porn, as the case may be. Of course, you could say the same of ship wars, so I guess that's kind of a moot point.

Being an asexual slasher. by [ profile] nike_victory (2006, July 1)
I saw this poll through metafandom about sexuality and fandom and whether we're all as straight as people seem to think we are. I thought it was a great idea, except I couldn't actually answer the poll unless I wanted to skew the results. Since I didn't want that, I decided to comment on it, only to find my comment becoming much too long and rather off topic.

It was interesting, basically, seeing what fandom keeps coming back to, looking about a place that I no longer consider to be the primary fannish forum as I still try to negotiate my relationship with that I consider to have been LJ's replacement, and reflecting on the differences. I think with meta on tumblr that it is still cyclical to some degree - there are still flare-ups of discussion, but a good chunk of it has become embedded in the culture. There's a decent amount of overlap between "social justice tumblr" and fandom on tumblr, and I think that filtering is harder on tumblr and reblogging makes transmitting content much easier, so there's a lot more discussion about racism and sexism and so forth that's moving around tumblr, which I think is good. I think that fandom is maybe doing better on some things because of how tumblr works.

That is sort of a thing, basically, with looking at all of this meta stuff, that I am thinking about all of this meta stuff, and there is sort of a danger of creating meta. I mean, I totally want there to be more meta about reccing - all of the meta about reccing, apparently - and am wondering where the post titled something like A Room of One's Own ...and an internet connection: Feminism and Fandom is and have an increasingly strong desire to write about fanworks and fannish activity.

There also came a point in looking at all of this meta stuff where I clicked on [ profile] flambeau's the fannish review and felt a deep personal connection to it. That work is sort of what going through [ profile] metafandom has been like for me, especially since I have just been skimming a fair chunk of things and doing that is like BNF. Meritocracy flist readership ego club anon hate. Blah blah blah. ([ profile] flambeau does this much better than I am doing here.) and my brain is a tiny bit meta mush despite my efforts to pace myself, basically.

Fandom's cool, though. Meta's cool, and if you have meta on reccing or know where I should be looking for it, that would be so very cool of you to share.
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So, I'm looking for some meta from probably around five years ago about AUs and John Sheppard. It was about, I think, the mechanics of AUs, what made AUs effective - what needed to stay the same, what were essential bits of characterisation. Someone wrote that in order for John Sheppard to be John Sheppard he needed to have an Atlantis. His Atlantis didn't have to be Atlantis, but he needed to have a thing or to acquire a thing that he had that kind of connection to.

I am looking for that piece of meta about John Sheppard*. If anyone has a link, that would be fantastic and amazing.

*I'm not even sure that I read that piece of meta. I think it might have been a comment on someone else's piece of meta about meta that yet someone else had written. IT HAS BEEN SOME TIME, OKAY? ...and I apparently still have feelings about John Sheppard. Okay, I definitely still have feelings about John Sheppard. That bit is not really surprising to me. I am sort of processing that this post is a thing that is happening, though.
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Okay, so, [personal profile] gorgeousnerd is hosting a Queer Werewolf Ladies Commentfic Fest! It is AU and canon friendly, and for all different kinds of fanworks.

I went and left prompts, and got progressively more gleeful as I wrote them. You should go write prompts (...and I should maybe finish one of the three fanworks about queer lady werewolves that I have in my drafts/on my to-do list.) and fill things and things!

In serious business: [personal profile] ragingrainbow is raising funds so that she and her small child have a place to live. Details: here.
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If you haven't gone over and recced [personal profile] anotherslashfan something for her upcoming 200th rec post yet, you can still do that. She'll be accepting recs for another couple of weeks yet.

She's collecting recs of "fanworks that you remember fondly, love dearly, wish more people were aware of".

Recs can be just:
  • a url, or;
  • a title and creator name, or;
  • a description (Seriously, you can go all storyfinder on her.)

Any more info than any one of those is totally optional.

Go rec her one thing, or (if you're really enthusiastic) ten. Or promo this on your journal or tumblr or twitter or whatever.

I, personally, am super-excited and badgering a couple people about this because I'm a recs geek and I'm all excited to see all of that diversity of fannish experience and love captured in one post. I'm interested to see what and how different people rec and how [personal profile] anotherslashfan assembles that all into one post.

The diversity thing means that I want to see as many different people chiming in as possible. I want to see people reccing the first slashfic they ever read or the fanart they desperately want a print of or the podfic they wish they could make everyone listen to or the fancraft they wish would appear on their doorstep. And I want to see all of the fandoms and genres, too. I think that would be awesome.

So, please?

Go rec her something and/or promo this.
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[personal profile] anotherslashfan's 200th rec post is coming up, which is all kinds of awesome by itself. In celebration, [personal profile] anotherslashfan's making that 200th post a compilation of all of the fanwork recs people leave on this post [personal profile] anotherslashfan made, asking that people, "in a comment, leave a link (ETA: or several, as you wish), or name of fanwork plus creator, or even just a description if you've lost the link and want to find the work again - of fanworks that you remember fondly, love dearly, wish more people were aware of." You should do that. It sounds like it's going to be fantastic and interesting.

I have not been reccing recently, which feels a bit wrong. My fannish output or production is happening differently right now, which is interesting and educational and I am looking forward to projects being wrapped up and things shifting into something where reccing is a regular thing for me again. I haven't gone through my bookmarks in a reccing way for what feels like a long time, and so [personal profile] anotherslashfan's request is something that I'm really enjoying - going through my bookmarks and asking myself "Is this a thing I love?" It's really great.

(You should go and rec [personal profile] anotherslashfan something.)
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So I feel really strange writing about reccing, but it's something I've been thinking about lately. I've been reading challenge and festival guidelines, which is what's sparking this post.

There's a new comm that I'm actually really excited about and interested to see how it develops and what its community looks like and I have all the excitement about this comm. It looks really, really cool. So, this is a community pimp and then some meta.

[community profile] fan_flashworks is an all-fandoms multimedia flashworks challenge community. "The goal of this challenge is to produce all kinds of new fanwork, to encourage play, practice and experimentation." The guidelines page is really long and I've only skimmed and read sections of it at this point, but you should check it out because it is awesome. No, seriously. It is.

I really dig the guidelines. This is, in fact, a guidelines rec. They have a mission statement and a really wonderful quote. It helps, a lot, that I really like both of these things; I like what this comm is setting out to be: a place to foster creativity and creators. It is all kinds of friendly to people who are new. The guidelines are well-organised, and as I was skimming over them I was thinking one of the mods totally hung out at [community profile] kradamadness, didn't they? [personal profile] sprat did and the guidelines are adapted from [personal profile] jerakeen's. It shows. A lot of the things that I really loved about [community profile] kradamadness and its guidelines are carried over, including the friendliness and emphasis on and encouragement of different types of fanworks.

One of the sections that I have read in full is the guidelines for rec sets and something that threw me was that "you can’t recommend a fanwork if it has already been recommended in that round."* I can see the logic behind that rule and I'm not suggesting that it be changed, but I also think that it's really, really interesting.

[ETA: Update: [community profile] fan_flashworks has removed this rule from their guidelines because they didn't feel it was in the spirit of their comm. ([personal profile] china_shop replied here in the comments.)]

I think that the rules and guidelines that get drawn up for challenges and communities and bigbangs, etc. are significant. I think that they work to set the tone of the community and that where there are breakdowns of different types of fanworks that those are really interesting. One of the things that I've seen meta about has been the role of artists in bigbangs, that a lot of these fests are very writer-centric in a way that's not friendly to artists.

There are opinions and biases at work when rules and guidelines get drawn up and, where there are breakdowns of different fanworks, I think those rules and guidelines say something about how different varieties of fanworks are perceived.

[community profile] fan_flashworks' rule* about not re-reccing things in the same round would never have occurred to me. I think it ties in with a specific approach to reccing. I think that there's something in there about recs serving to promote works and I think that that's a rule that ties more into the role of recs as promotion rather than recs as fanworks themselves. ...and this is where I start to feel awkward writing this, because it's personal.

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