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I am so excited about the legalisation of same sex marriage in the United States. I almost cried at work; I have a lot of feelings about this. It's one of my countries and I watched states change their laws and I wouldn't really believe it when people would say that it had happened - I'd go and find a news source that I trusted and verify it with that. ...and it's happened now, and that's, like, completely amazing to me.

Like, it's not done, (The queers are not fully looked after by the American justice system. There are other laws that need to be changed.) but it's pretty nice all the same - marriage is legal in the USA now!

Ten years ago felt so incredibly bleak in terms of where things were politically in the States, and, you know, there is still a lot of shit going down, but this is really nice, and, like, when it happened in Canada in 2005 it was the fourth country in the world to legalise it and I haven't heard anyone listing the USA's number yet, and that's really awesome to me.

I am feeling reasonably optimistic today.

On Sunday I am planning on going to Pride in Toronto and going to watch the parade. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been to a parade in five years and I know I've got glitter somewhere.
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I'm looking for meta about reccing - anything you can link me would be awesome; I am trying to get my hands on as much as I can.

I've gone through the [ profile] metafandom newsletters on LJ looking for stuff and found a lot. I finished that yesterday and was the most excited person because I had finished all of metafandom, until I realised that, of course, I hadn't, because I still have all of Dreamwidth's [community profile] metafandom to go through. I am at that point in the research phase where the answer to "Will I ever finish researching?" is "NFI." I think I probably have around a hundred links now, but have zero interest in counting to confirm that currently, but I finished going through metafandom's LJ!

I have lots of meta tabs and stuff I still need to go through, still, but feel this is sort of a good time in the process to ask for more links and talk about how I spent my summer vacation. Or okay, not really that last bit, but I have spent a fairly solid chunk of time in the past couple months reading through and skimming the metafandom newletter on LJ and doing the same with the linked stuff, and have decided to write a little bit about that.

The deleted and purged journals were and are sad to me and there's also a good chunk of locked entries in those links now. There would be fascinating excerpts and I would follow the link to... nothing. (It was awful.) It's been interesting being in a space after the party has died down, basically, and it's interesting skimming past all of this meta that I'm not looking for right now, just seeing bits of the titles and excerpts for the most part. One of the things that was really interesting, doing that, is looking at the issues that have cropped up again years later - there have been and are, recurring discussions: Slash and Gay (What is slash? What is gay? Why is a predominately female group writing mostly male slash?); Fandom: We're Here and We Are Pretty Queer, Actually? (There's a way higher percentage of us that ID as some form of queer/not straight than there's supposed to be in the general population.)

...and I found some old ace meta that I suspect a few people on my flist may be interested in. (One link totally demonstrates that cyclical discussions thing.)

[meta-ish] why can't we all just get along? (said the spider to the fly) by [ profile] duskwings (2006, April 3)
I guess that my very, very long point is that ... I don't see why there is wank over asexuality versus ship, when you can just as easily ignore the other side and go back to the porn. Or ... the not-porn, as the case may be. Of course, you could say the same of ship wars, so I guess that's kind of a moot point.

Being an asexual slasher. by [ profile] nike_victory (2006, July 1)
I saw this poll through metafandom about sexuality and fandom and whether we're all as straight as people seem to think we are. I thought it was a great idea, except I couldn't actually answer the poll unless I wanted to skew the results. Since I didn't want that, I decided to comment on it, only to find my comment becoming much too long and rather off topic.

It was interesting, basically, seeing what fandom keeps coming back to, looking about a place that I no longer consider to be the primary fannish forum as I still try to negotiate my relationship with that I consider to have been LJ's replacement, and reflecting on the differences. I think with meta on tumblr that it is still cyclical to some degree - there are still flare-ups of discussion, but a good chunk of it has become embedded in the culture. There's a decent amount of overlap between "social justice tumblr" and fandom on tumblr, and I think that filtering is harder on tumblr and reblogging makes transmitting content much easier, so there's a lot more discussion about racism and sexism and so forth that's moving around tumblr, which I think is good. I think that fandom is maybe doing better on some things because of how tumblr works.

That is sort of a thing, basically, with looking at all of this meta stuff, that I am thinking about all of this meta stuff, and there is sort of a danger of creating meta. I mean, I totally want there to be more meta about reccing - all of the meta about reccing, apparently - and am wondering where the post titled something like A Room of One's Own ...and an internet connection: Feminism and Fandom is and have an increasingly strong desire to write about fanworks and fannish activity.

There also came a point in looking at all of this meta stuff where I clicked on [ profile] flambeau's the fannish review and felt a deep personal connection to it. That work is sort of what going through [ profile] metafandom has been like for me, especially since I have just been skimming a fair chunk of things and doing that is like BNF. Meritocracy flist readership ego club anon hate. Blah blah blah. ([ profile] flambeau does this much better than I am doing here.) and my brain is a tiny bit meta mush despite my efforts to pace myself, basically.

Fandom's cool, though. Meta's cool, and if you have meta on reccing or know where I should be looking for it, that would be so very cool of you to share.

Coming Out

Mar. 16th, 2014 07:26 pm
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So, I've come out to three people in RL in the past 24 hours or so, which is a pretty big deal to me because this is a decent step up from the one (One!) person that I've been out to in RL for something like the last five years, and who is, btw, sort of shit at being an ally in some ways. ...and it hit me while I was in the process of doing that, that I've mentioned that I'm queer online explicitly, like, once, years ago, so there are probably a good chunk of people who don't know that about me. (This is an informational post.)

So, hi. I'm queer. That's the label that I hate least. I am some combination of attracted to men, women, and other people. Romance is slightly baffling to me, but whether that's down to being poly or aro or something else is a glorious mystery. (I'm sure the future is very exciting; I'm not exactly in a rush to meet it. I will survive the suspense somehow.)


Jun. 24th, 2011 11:13 pm
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Expected to be legalised in New York following a 33-29 Senate vote.

ETA: ...and it goes into effect in 30 days. (Yay!)


Dec. 18th, 2010 03:55 pm
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DADT has been repealed by the senate.

Yuletide is... inching slowly forward. I have had Fran├žois' version of Don't Stop the Music in my head for the past three days now.
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Fandom Nominations for Yuletide 2010 Are Now Open! I'm really excited, but haven't submitted my rare fandom nominations yet, because I am made of indecision, and also the possessor of a not-so-surprising agenda that means that means that I'm really interested in character nominations as well, and kind of want to nominate "RPF - Hockey", just so that I can add Foster Hewitt to that character list, or, oh, Maurice Richard. *Ahem.* So I am mulling over my options.

Over in [community profile] asexual_fandom the Ace Manifestos Project is starting up, wherein people will be writing meta about characters they think of as asexuals. It's pretty exciting. Sheldon Cooper, Fox Mulder and Neal Caffrey are among the characters that have been claimed so far; I'm really looking forward to reading these posts.

[community profile] kradamadness' monthly multimedia challenge's theme this month is toys and there are some really amazing entries over there. There is a picspam of little foxes. Seriously. It's awesome. (Also: I wrote fic. It was late, the prompt was hilarious, [personal profile] sobluethesky will be getting that meta post... eventually. I swear.)

(ETA: Aside: Random Canadian Census Update is Random: Motherfuck. That is all.)


Jul. 15th, 2010 12:24 pm
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Now legal in: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina.

Those last three are all this year, which is, you know, pretty exciting.
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Marriage legalised in Portugal. Yay. The implanted non-adoption bit is shit, mind.

It's heading up to five years since it was legalised in all of Canada, making Canada the fourth country to get rid of its discriminatory marriage policies, and now Portugal's the eighth country in the world. I mean, progress is exciting, but it feels so slow.
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The president can still veto it and it needs to go through another parliamentary vote, apparently.

Source: BBC and Le Figaro


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